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Toro Lawnmower Blades

The Toro Motor Company produced its first lawnmower in 1919 to mow golf courses. Since that time, Toro has become a leader in the commercial and consumer lawnmower segments. If you need to replace a Toro lawnmower blade, there are some things you may want to know.

Can you use a blade from a different manufacturer?

It is generally never recommended that you swap mower blades between manufacturers. First, the width of the blade may be different, and it can hit the deck. Secondly, it may be of a different weight even if it is the same size. This can cause the mower to be off balance. This will wear out your parts quicker and could even cause a dangerous situation if the blade flies off. Also, it may not create a clean cut on the grass. It is always recommended that you replace a worn out Toro blade with official Toro replacement parts.

What are Toro OEM parts?

When you want replacement parts for your Toro lawnmower, you have several options. You can opt for a lawnmower blade that is a genuine Toro part of an OEM part. This stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means that the OEM manufacturer makes components that are used in another company’s product. An OEM part is made to the exact specifications of the original part, only it uses its own name and branding. If the part says that it is a genuine part, the only difference is that it will have the company brand on it instead of the manufacturer brand. Even though a part is marked as a genuine Toro part, it is still made by the original blade manufacturer. An OEM part is a little less expensive because it does not carry the Toro brand.

How often should you change your Toro lawnmower blade?

A fresh lawnmower replacement blade makes a clean cut on the grass and helps it to heal faster. A blade that is not sharp tears the grass and can stunt its growth or stress it. One sign that you need to replace your Toro mower blade is if you have to make multiple passes of cutting the lawn to get the right height. Any blade that is nicked or dented should be replaced. If the blade is bent or warped, it is unusable and could be dangerous. Typically, a blade needs sharpening about once a month if you mow your yard once a week. It should be completely replaced on a yearly basis or if you notice any signs of severe damage. You should inspect your blade for damage every time you mow your lawn.