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Personalize Your Driver With a TaylorMade Shaft

Whether upgrading your current drivers, repairing a damaged one, or building your own custom driver, a TaylorMade driver shaft can comes in handy. You can find a large variety of these golf club shafts at affordable prices when you shop on eBay.

What are some features of these shafts?

All TaylorMade driver shafts have varying sizes and features. Available for both men and women, these shafts are made of graphite, steel, or wood. Many of these shafts have stiff flex, but you can also find extra stiff, senior, and junior flex. There are shafts for both right- and left-handed golfers, and some include a grip.

What drivers do these shafts fit?

Many of these shafts include an adapter that allows you to use them with M4, M3, M2, or M1 drivers. Adapters are also for sale on eBay in the event that your shaft does not include one. Adapters are beneficial when you want to use the same shaft for multiple drivers.

How do you choose the right TaylorMade driver shaft?

Determining your swing speed is a good place to start when looking for these shafts. You can have this measured or make a good estimate using the driver you use at a distance of 150 yards. Your speed will determine how much flex you should have in your shaft. Listed below are the common swing speeds and the flexes that match. You also need to pick a material for your golf club shaft. Graphite adds distance for those with slower swing speeds, while steel provides consistency for those with faster speeds. Those somewhere in the middle can try both steel and graphite to determine the right shaft.

  • 3-iron or wood = less than 60 mph = ladies' flex
  • 4-iron = 60-75 mph = senior flex
  • 5-iron = 75-84 mph = regular flex
  • 6- or 7-iron = 85-93 mph = stiff flex
  • 8- or 9-iron = 93+ mph = extra stiff flex
When should you a used shaft?

Purchasing a used TaylorMade driver shaft can be beneficial if you aren't sure of your swing speed or which material you want. Used shafts are usually cheaper, allowing you to experiment. No matter which TaylorMade shaft you decide on, eBay has a large selection at affordable prices.