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Tair 11

Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Tair 11 Lens

Sometimes, even a casual photographer has to buy the right professional lens to get the perfect shot. Whether youre shooting picturesque landscapes or family photos, the picture quality and contrast is key. On eBay, you can find multiple affordable models of the Tair 11 lens with various focal lengths and screw sizes to match your camera.

Which factors should you consider when selecting a camera lens?

When purchasing your Tair 11 camera lens, you should consider the following:

  • Focal Length - The focal length of the lens is measured in millimeters (mm). A longer focal length indicates a higher zoom for the image and a narrower angle.
  • Aperture - Aperture affects the extent to which light can enter the camera and allows you to take photos with various degrees of exposure.
  • Mount - The mounting system connects the lens to the rest of the camera.
  • Color - You might choose the color of your lens to match your camera or to make a bold statement.
What are the benefits of the Tair 11 lens?

The Tair 11 uses the M39 screw mount and is a classy, vintage camera lens that has not been produced since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is made of high-quality metal and glass materials. On eBay, you can find this lens in the single-coated and multi-coated models.

What is unique about the Tair 11 Lens?

The Tair 11 lens is distinguished by its 20 aperture blades. Most camera lens brands and models only offer four to nine aperture blades. Aperture blades are important because they refine the cameras "eye" and create a more circular bokeh to improve image quality.

What are the available Tair lenses on eBay?

The Tair 11 lens models come with a 133mm focal range and an f/2.8 aperture. The Tair 11 lens is available in black, silver, and white. All were manufactured in Russia or former Soviet Union states. Whether youre looking for an M39 mount or M42 mount lens, you will find a plethora of options to suit your preference. If adaptability is key, you may also be able to find an M39 mount lens with M42 mount adapters. This 133mm telephoto lens is ideal for spontaneous candid shots as well as more composed images. There are lens products for both the avid photographer and the dedicated collector in chrome and matte finishes.

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