Tailgates & Liftgates for Toyota Sienna

Tailgates and Liftgates for Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is a family-friendly minivan, and it is the only vehicle in its class to offer standard all-wheel drive as well as FWD. The Toyota Sienna has gone through three generations of model updates, and it also features a 2.7 liter to 3.5 liter engine, a six-speed or eight-speed automatic transmission, and a factory-installed automatic access seat for people with disabilities. The Siennas rear liftgate may need to be replaced if it is damaged from a collision or if its pneumatic lifting mechanism stops working.

What are the features of Toyota Sienna rear liftgates?
  • Keyless entry: Before you get behind the wheel, you can open the rear liftgate of the minivan by pressing the unlock button on your keyless entry remotes fob. When all of the Toyotas doors are unlocked, it can also be opened manually by grasping the hatch handle and squeezing it.
  • Rear windshield wiper: The rear liftgate of the vehicle features heated glass and a windshield wiper. These two accessories help to remove ice and snow from the glass when needed.
  • Pneumatic supports: The vehicle has pneumatic supports that keep the rear liftgate held up above your head. This allows you to load groceries or other items into the back of the minivan without having to hold the tailgate up and out of your way.
How do you choose a liftgate for the Sienna?
  • Select the model year of your Toyota minivan: The Sienna has been in production since 1997, and the different generations and years of production have resulted in size, shape, and style changes to the rear liftgate.
  • Choose the exterior paint color of your Sienna: Match the color of the rear liftgate to the rest of the paint that is on the Sienna.
  • Select the entire liftgate assembly or parts of the liftgate: Select an entire liftgate assembly for your Toyota Sienna if it has been damaged in a collision. There are also individual parts for the rear liftgate available, such as the locking mechanism, hatch handle, hatch supports, and taillight covers.
What materials are Sienna liftgates made from?

The shell of the Toyotas rear liftgate is made from steel. This provides protection to the passengers in the rear seating area of the vehicle in the event of a rear-end collision. On top of the steel shell is insulation made of engineered plastics. The exterior of the liftgate also features acrylic taillight covers. The interior side of the Toyotas rear liftgate features a plastic panel. The liftgates back window is made from shatterproof glass.