Taillights for Toyota Land Cruiser

Taillights are one of the most important safety features in any car, including the Toyota Land Cruiser. Additionally, driving without working taillights is against the law, making them a vital part of your vehicle. If your taillights need to be replaced there are multiple types and classifications of taillights for different needs, models, and designs.

What does OEM mean for Land Cruiser taillights?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When Toyota builds Land Cruisers or any other vehicle, they contract out some of the work to outside companies. One such task is building the bulbs and coverings for the taillights. The company that gets this contract for each year and model is the OEM for that model year. A cars OEM parts are guaranteed to fit and conform to the original design, making them a convenient choice. Any other source is considered aftermarket. They often have more variation, such as different colors, shapes, or brightness levels compared to the OEM.

Why use LED lights for your Toyota Land Cruiser taillights?

Depending on the year of your car, your Land Cruiser might originally have used LED or halogen bulbs. LED is newer technology that has more powerful, long-lasting bulbs with a narrower beam. The newer the car is, the more likely it is that it uses LEDs. If you want to put LEDs in an older car you can have it retrofitted with LED lights. If you prefer to keep the halogen bulbs in your vehicle, you can easily find those as well.

What types of lights are there for the Land Cruiser?

Each make and model has its own shape and design for lighting because Toyota occasionally redesigns the Cruiser line. For example, some have a two-tone vertical light arrangement while others, especially on older models, tend to be round. Some contain the turn indicator and brake light in one piece while in other cases they are separate. Generally, the light casings must be installed on a specific side while individual bulbs are usually interchangeable between the left and right sides.

Aside from that, the brightness and color are the biggest differences between units. The color comes from a combination of the case and the bulb, you can match the colors or have them contrast depending on your preferences. Cases also affect the brightness of the taillights. Thicker and more heavily textured cases will create more diffuse beams from the bulbs. These beams dont travel as far but are more visible in fog and rain. The variety of options makes it easy to customize your Toyotas taillights to suit your needs.