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Taillights for Toyota Corolla

Whether youre heeding a stop sign in your neighborhood or slowing down for a traffic jam on the highway, its critical that other drivers know when youre slowing down. Your Corollas taillights are a crucial part of the safety equipment on your vehicle. When they need replacement, its important to get the job done quickly.

What are the features of a Toyota Corolla taillight?

Your safety and the safety of other drivers is of utmost importance when youre on the road. The engineers at Toyota have designed your Corollas taillights with features to ensure everyone knows when youre slowing down.

  • Modular: Most Corolla taillights are separated into two or more units, meaning its easier to access and replace exactly the components that are causing issues.
  • Aerodynamic: Even the rear of your Corolla is important to its aerodynamic performance, so the taillights are designed to sit flush with the body of the vehicle for an efficient airflow profile.
  • Large: The large, bold design of the taillights complements the aggressive styling of your Corolla while also allowing for larger lenses to release more illumination for greater visibility.
  • Noticeable: The Corolla features a separate yellow turn signal within the taillight to draw more attention to your intentions.
What types of taillights are available for the Corolla?

Whether youre just wanting to replace your Corollas taillights or you want to give your vehicle a custom look, there are plenty of different taillight options available for your Corolla. Given their modular design, its important to note which unit you need to replace. For example, the drivers and passengers side taillights are not interchangeable. Neither are the inner and outer fixtures from either side. Therefore, when selecting a taillight, in addition to selecting a style, you need to know if you need the "inner drivers side" or "outer passengers side" fixture.

  • Classic: These offer the same quality features as the taillights that originally came with your Corolla.
  • Smoked: These taillights feature a smoke-colored screen for a racy look.
  • Black: The frame around the reflectors is a jet-black color, adding a sporty look and really making the fixtures pop.
  • LED: All of these variants are available with LED bulbs preinstalled. LEDs offer a longer life span and lower energy usage than traditional incandescent bulbs.
How do you replace a taillight on a Corolla?

Replacing a burned-out taillight bulb on your Corolla is quite simple. All you have to do is pull back the trunk liner, take out the bulb socket, and remove and replace the bulb. If you need to replace the taillight assembly, this is how you do it.

  • First: Remove the thumbscrew anchoring the trunk liner to your Corollas body.
  • Second: Remove the bolts holding the taillight fixture in place, and disconnect the electrical harness.
  • Third: Carefully slide out the old fixture, and remove the gasket if you have received a replacement one.
  • Fourth: Slide the replacement fixture into place and reconnect the electrical harness, and then check for proper operation.
  • Finally: Reinstall the bolts, fold up the trunk liner, and reinstall the screw attaching the liner to the vehicle body.