Tail Lights for Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza Tail Lights

On the back end of your Subaru, you have two light assemblies that alert other drivers to your presence on the road. When you decide it is time for an upgrade, you may find yourself looking at a number of different tail light assemblies. Luckily, finding the right part and replacing is not a difficult task.

What do tail lights do?

All vehicles have two tail lights on the rear end. These lights help signal other vehicles when you intend to make a turn and alert other drivers that your Subaru is in front of them when you are out on the road at night. If your tail lights go out or suddenly stop functioning, other drivers may not be able to see your Subaru Impreza until it is too late. As such, you are required to have functioning tail lights at all times.

What components make up tail light assemblies?

Subaru Impreza tail light assemblies are comprised of three main components, including:

  • Lighting: The bulb illuminates when you turn your Subaru Impreza on at night or when you hit the brakes. Although there are three different types of bulbs that you can choose from, some last longer than others and cast different intensities of illumination.
  • Lens: This clear or tinted plastic piece covers the bulb. While some lenses are clear to show the colors of the bulb, others are tinted, allowing you to use regular yellow bulbs.
  • Housing assembly: This refers to the component that houses the lights and the lens. It also gives the back end of your Subaru Impreza a defined shape and style.
What are LED tail lights?

LED stands for light emitting diodes. They create a bright illumination and are known for being energy efficient. Unlike other types of tail lights, which generally have a life expectancy of up to 1,000 to 2,000 hours, LEDs can last for up to 30,000 hours before they need to be replaced. They are also durable and are less likely to blind other drivers when you travel around a curve or over a hill.

What are the differences between OEM and aftermarket tail lights?

When you are looking for a tail light, you may have the option of going with the exact replacements or with a different style. If you choose to go with an exact replacement for your Impreza, it is likely that you are looking at OEM replacement parts versus aftermarket parts. Here are some differences between the two types.

  • OEM tail lights: Parts that have an OEM label were made by the same manufacturer that made the original equipment for the Subaru Impreza. This means that your new parts will have the same specifications and appearance as the original parts on your Impreza.
  • Aftermarket tail lamps: These parts are made by manufacturers that did not play a role in designing and creating the original parts. Aftermarket options for your Subaru may have different designs, flash patterns, and housing finishes.