Taillights for Nissan D21

Taillights for your Nissan D21 pickup truck come in different brands that include Anzo, Dorman, and Nissan. You can also buy them in an array of different shapes and sizes to fit numerous D21 model years.

What are the bulb types?

Just as when selecting headlights for your pickup or any car, there is a variety of bulb types that you can choose when selecting taillights, ranging from halogen to LED bulbs.

  • Halogen: These consist of a tungsten filament in the center of the bulb as well as halogen gas that helps the bulb emit a glow whenever energy is sent to it. The light produced by these bulbs is a pure white, while the bulb itself is made to be highly efficient, as 94% of its light output will continue its use towards the end of their cycle.
  • LED: This is a light-emitting diode bulb that consists of a semiconductor material that helps to produce light when turned on. As more and more electricity is sent to the bulb, it becomes brighter. These LED bulbs produce practically no heat after hours of use and are designed with durability in mind.
  • Incandescent: These bulbs produce an accurate color rendition that ensures that the light produced by the bulb is close to natural light. They are meant to be used for a lengthy period of time and make use of a durable filament.
What are the lens and housing colors?

When you are selecting one or more of these lights for your Nissan truck, there are a variety of lens and housing colors to select from. The housing color options include black and a shiny chrome crystal, while the lens colors include a tinted appearance, red, and clear.

Are D21 taillights universal fit?

The majority of taillights will fit into a wide range of Nissan D21 models, such as 1996-2004 vehicles. If your D21 model fits into the year range that is listed with the product, you can be confident that it fits into your Nissan pickup. Some of these items are designed specifically to fit into one model year, such as 1995.

What is the meaning of an OEM taillight?

When selecting one of these lights for your Nissan D21, you might notice that some are listed as OEM. This designation means that the light was made by the manufacturer of the vehicle in question, which would be Nissan. Because of this, the part should work exactly as the previous ones you had as long as it is listed as being compatible with your specific Nissan D21 model year.