Mini Cooper Tail Lights

Your Mini Cooper tail lights are an important part of your vehicle and are imperative to driving safely. These lights alert other drivers to your presence on the road and let them know when you are turning, slowing down, or stopping. With normal wear and tear, or in the event of an accident, you may need to replace the tail lights on your Mini Cooper.

How many tail lights are on a Mini Cooper?

There are four tail lights in total on the back of your Mini Cooper.

  • Side tail lights: These are the two main lamps on the back of your Mini. These let other drivers know that you are on the road at night, in the rain, or in foggy conditions. These are also important to let other drivers know that you are slowing down, stopped, or about to turn.
  • Rear bumper light: This is an additional lamp that adds an extra element of safety and a classic style to your Mini.
  • Upper window light: This is another running lamp on your Mini that adds style and visibility.
What kinds of tail lights are available for your Mini Cooper?

There are a wide variety of tail lights available should you need to replace your old ones or want to change the look of your Cooper.

  • Black line tail light rings: This lighting has a black line styling and red and white illumination. These are designed for the Cooper hardtop and convertible models.
  • Black rear headlight rings: This lighting is made for the Countryman model and has red illumination.

How do you install new tail lights on your Mini Cooper?

Changing the tail lights on your Mini Cooper is simple and requires little technical know-how. Follow these simple instructions to replace.

  • Begin by putting your car in park on a level surface and turning off the engine. Open the cargo area and take off the panels you find one each side of the space.
  • Inside the panel, you will see a nut. Use a wrench or deep socket to unscrew and then push to slide out the tail light. You may need to depress the clips. Unplug the cable. Repeat on the other side if you are replacing both.
  • Clean out the empty space before putting in your new parts.
  • Using your old kit as a reference, put on the new seal around the casing.
  • Once the seal has been attached, it is time to install. Plug in the cable and slide into the housing. Make sure everything is secure and then reattach the nut. Repeat on the side other side. Replace the panels.
  • You will now want to get someone to watch the back of your Mini Cooper as you test out each of the new tail lights and make sure everything is functioning properly.