Land Rover Tailights

Taillights increase your Land Rover Range Rovers visibility and alert other drivers to slow down or brake behind you. Driving with malfunctioning or broken taillights may increase the chance of an accident. You can choose from a variety of replacement Land Rover taillights.

What types of tail lights are there for Land Rovers?

There are two types of taillights for Land Rover Range Rover vehicles, LED and halogen bulbs. Because they operate via different mechanisms, each has its own advantages. Learning about their differences will help you select the right lights for your Range Rover.

  • Range Rover Halogen Lights: Halogen lights produce a soft glow and are among the most common type. Experts recommend wearing gloves when handling the bulb as they are filled with a mixture of gas and a tungsten filament, and oil residues from your hands may cause the bulb to break once it has heated up.
  • Range Rover LED Lights: Light-Emitting Diodes or LEDs produce focus beams of light via positive and negative electrons. LEDs offer a long visibility range while driving your Range Rover. They are energy efficienct and have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours. Moreover, they can take the abuse of driving over bumps and railroad tracks.
Which brands make Land Rover taillights?

When searching for options for your Land Rover, it is always smart to check out products made by reputable manufacturers. Philips is a leader in lighting design options for Rover vehicles. You will also find a variety of lamp parts from Valeo and Eiko.

  • The Philips company manufactures miniature lamps that provide the same range as your Land Rovers factory-installed lights.
  • Valeo offers competitive and durable taillights designed to produce maximum output.
  • Eiko is a certified green company that offers a wide selection of bulbs made from durable materials.
What is required for Land Rover taillight assemblies?

The Land Rover’s taillight assembly contains a lens cover that houses the bulb that lights up when you press on the brake. It also allows drivers behind you to identify your Range Rover. Some Rover assemblies include the reverse light and turn signal parts. You will find a variety of options for the Range Rover.

  • Rover choices include clear, smoke, and red lenses.
  • When searching for lamps to fit your Range Rover, be sure to look for the year and model.
  • If you are only replacing one light on the Rover, check options for right and left.
Why do some Rover taillights have DOT and SAE certified?

The federal government requires tail lights to have the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) approval. Likewise, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) also requires manufacturers to meet a set of quality standards. Therefore, you should check for the DOTs and SAEs seal of approval.