Kia Rio Taillights

Kia Rio taillights turn on when the headlights are switched on and shine brighter during braking, so it is important to maintain them. Maintenance may require changing the entire fixture, replacing a bulb or fuse, or cleaning the lenses. Halogen lamps are the standard, but long-life LED bulbs, which can last 50,000 hours, are also available.

How do you clean foggy Kia Rio taillights?

Over time, automobile lenses begin to appear foggy. This is from exposure to the sun and the elements. Foggy lenses on your Kia Rio can decrease illumination by 40%. Cleaning the exterior of the sedans lamps is often the remedy. The supplies needed are automotive tape, which will not damage the paint job, wet-dry ultra-fine sandpaper 2000 grit, microfiber towels, clean water, clean rags, and a taillight and headlight restoration cleaner.

  • Wash the lens, and tape all around the lamps on the tail of the car. Soak the sandpaper for a few minutes in clean water.
  • Wet the lens, and then with the wet sandpaper, lightly sand up and down the lens. Moisten the sandpaper and lens; do not let them dry out.
  • Change sanding directions, moving across the lens now. Once you have made a pass at both directions, dry the lamp with a clean rag and see if the fogginess has dissipated. The lens will look slightly scratched, but the restoration liquid will repair that. Keep lightly sanding until the lens is clear. Rinse with clean water and dry.
  • Using a microfiber cloth, apply the restoration cleaner to the lens. Polish the solution into the lens using a circular motion. Continue applying the cleaner and rubbing until the lens is clear.
How do you replace fuses in Kia Rio taillights?

A bad or blown fuse can be the reason the Kia Rios lights will not turn on. Fuses are easy to inspect and replace. You will need the owner’s manual, needle nose pliers, and the replacement fuse. The owner’s manual will tell you where the fuse box is. The boxes are located inside the vehicle or under the hood.

The manual will also tell you the position of the fuse and the type of replacement fuse to use. Find the position and amp of the fuse for the rear lights. For example, position 30, 15A, which means 15-amp fuse. The replacement fuse must be the same color and same amp as the original.

  • Open the fuse box. Inside the lid is a diagram with the numbered positions. Locate the position your manual stated. For this example, position 30.
  • Using the needle nose pliers, pull out the fuse. You can tell if the fuse is blown or bad if the wire in the center is broken.
  • Check that the new fuse is the same as the old fuse; using an incorrect fuse can damage the vehicle. Insert the new fuse in the position.
  • Replace the fuse box cover and test your Kia Rio’s rear lights.