GMC Sierra 1500 Taillights

The GMC Sierra entered the market in 1998 and is a full-size, light-duty pickup truck with two-door regular cab, four-door double cab, and four-door crew cab body styles available as well as a Denali trim level which includes several upgrades. The Sierra 1500 is used in both personal and commercial capacities, offering great versatility in function, comfort, and style for every kind of pickup truck driver. Taillights, which include lights for the brake, provide a necessary safety function for the GMC Sierra as well as contributing to the look and style of the truck.

Are custom taillights a good fit for the Sierra?

The GMC Sierra 1500 is able to receive several different kinds of custom taillights. Some custom taillights are made to fit with little to no modifications needed to the body or electrical system and some require more modifications to fit and function properly. When shopping for a custom taillight for your GMC Sierra, keep this in mind so that you can plan the installation and buy a part that will work with your vehicle.

What are euro taillights?

Euro taillights are a style of light assembly that takes advantage of a clear lens to showcase the lighting elements contained in the assembly. This style emulates the kind of exterior vehicle lights that are prominent on European cars and trucks and are typically a luxury vehicle feature. However, it is possible to swap out the factory taillights for euro lights to give your Sierra a luxury appearance. Euro taillights come in different styles and may include clear or tinted lenses and often feature chrome, smoky, or black bezels to accompany the lighting elements.

Are OE and factory taillights the same thing?

Factory and OE taillights are not exactly the same thing, but they are similar. "OE" stands for "original equipment." Factory taillights are replications by aftermarket providers of original equipment. They are designed to operate in the same way and look very similar to the taillights that were on the GMC Sierra from the factory.

How do you pick which color turn signals to get?

Turn signals for your GMC are available in the United States in amber and red. Universally and in international markets, amber is legal to use. Red may also be legal for street use, but it is important to consult with your local laws and regulations before making your purchase. Amber turn signals come stock on most vehicles and are eye-catching in contrast to the red and white lights located elsewhere on the vehicle. Red turn signals are an aesthetic choice for some GMC Sierra drivers who prefer only two colors on their taillight assembly.