Tail Lights for Dodge Ram 1500

Tail Lights for Dodge Ram 1500

Rule the road and repel danger with brightly shining taillights for your Dodge Ram 1500. With options available for many model years, it is easy to find the right taillights for your Ram 1500. Learn more about these critical components that accentuate the unique lines and formidable structure of your Dodge Ram.

What types of taillights are available for the Ram?

Incandescent bulbs are the gold standard for taillights. This type of lighting technology uses a glass housing to contain a metallic filament. When electricity sparks the filament, it emits a steady and potent glow. These types of taillights last for 1,000 to 2,000 hours.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) consist of various semiconductor materials that replace the function of a filament. This technology is incredibly energy efficient and takes up little space. LEDs last 50,000 hours, which means that these diodes could be left on for more than five years straight before expiring.

How do you install new taillights in a Dodge?

When dealing with a cracked lens, installing smoked taillights, or installing certain types of LED taillights, it is often necessary to replace the entire taillight assembly. To ensure even lighting across the span of the vehicle, you should replace both tail lights simultaneously. Follow these simple instructions to replace the taillights in your Dodge Ram.

  • Turn off the engine, disconnect the battery, and open the tailgate.
  • Pick a side to start and remove the two Torx screws that secure the assembly to the truck.
  • Pull the assembly away from the vehicle and disconnect the electrical harness. Discard the old assembly.
  • Connect the electrical harness to the new assembly and position it into the cavity. Insert the Torx screws to complete installation.
  • Repeat these steps for the opposite side, reconnect the battery, and start the engine to check your work.
What are benefits of LED tailgate bars for the 1500?

In addition to the standard brake indicators installed in every Dodge Ram, many Ram 1500 owners opt to install an LED light bar in their tailgates. These accessories consist of a long strip of one to three rows of LED diodes and activate when the brake pedal is pressed.

LED light bars impart an apparent aesthetic value and also increase the chance that other drivers will notice when you press your brakes.

What are the advantages of smoked taillights?

Tired of the usual red color seen on the taillights of almost every car on the road? Then it may be time to upgrade to stealthy smoked taillights for your Dodge Ram 1500. These augmented taillights use a lightly tinted film to manifest a dark appearance, even though they produce the same amount of illumination as their conventional cousins.