Taillights for Dodge Ram 1500 Van

The Ram 1500 is a highly sought-after model with a powerful engine and versatile conversion capabilities, and these tail lights for Dodge Ram 1500 vans allow you to equip your vehicle with the lights you need to operate it on the road. Several different types of taillights are available for you to select from, such as the strip light bar that can be used in combination with standard tail lights. As with headlight installations, this lighting is available from different brands.

What are the different types of tail lights?

When picking out one or more of these tail lights, different types are open to you, such as aftermarket branded, OEM, and private label.

  • Aftermarket branded: This indicates parts for an automobile not originally manufactured by the vehicle brand, such as Dodge, and instead are available from a wide range of different brands.
  • OEM: This term stands for "original equipment manufacturer," which indicates the item was available from Dodge as they were the original manufacturer.
  • Private label: These are manufactured under one company but marketed and branded by another.
Which bulbs are used within these lights on the Ram truck?

When selecting tail lights for your Dodge Ram 1500, there are two bulb types you can choose from, the most common of which is LED.

  • LED: These bulbs are found in most tail lights and make use of light-emitting diode technology to convert energy into light. This technology offers high energy efficiency, a lengthy life span, and the ability to render accurate colors.
  • Halogen: These bulbs are a form of incandescent lamp that comprises a compact transparent envelope filled with a small amount of a halogen and an inert gas to create a chemical reaction that produces light. These bulbs are also known to be energy-efficient.
Which colors do these Dodge Ram lights come in?

These Dodge Ram van lights come in two separate colors of red and white, both of which are available on all tail lights. The red light will turn on when you brake, alerting drivers behind you of your actions, while the white light portion of the item will turn on when you drive in reverse. The white portion of the taillight is typically smaller than the red portion.

How do you keep tail lights in good shape?

When hitting the road in your Dodge Ram van 1500, always make sure that you pay attention to any objects that may be behind you when backing up as you do not want to run into an object that could crack the taillight. If the light inside is not working properly, it could be loose and would probably only need to be tightened for it to work again.