Chevrolet C10 Pickup Taillights

It is important to find the right taillights for your Chevrolet C10 pickup. No matter what year your C10 was made, you have a variety of options to choose from. You can even find car taillights that come with the bulbs included.

Who makes taillights for Chevrolet C10 pickup trucks?

The genuine OEM parts are made by General Motors specifically to fit the Chevrolet C10 trucks. You can count on these lights to be the same as the ones currently on your vehicle. Other options include those made by aftermarket companies.

You can also pick ones from some aftermarket companies that manufacture these Chevrolet lights to the exact specifications set forth by General Motors. Some of the companies that make these taillights include:

  • Spec-D Tuning
  • Rampage
  • Keystone Automotive Operations
  • Aftermarket Products
  • AM Autoparts
What lens colors are available for the Chevrolet C10?

Taillights for the Chevrolet C10 pickup come in several colors. Red and clear are common, but you can also choose amber or smoke/tinted lights.

Which types of bulbs are used for Chevrolet taillights?

Halogen and incandescent bulbs can be used for many types of vehicle taillights. These bulbs will give you adequate light when in reverse or when braking.

You can also choose from many types of taillights for your Chevrolet C10 that have LED bulbs. LED bulbs tend to last for many years without ever needing to be replaced. If your C10 comes with halogen or incandescent bulbs, you can choose to change them to LED lights.

Are both sets of Chevrolet taillights the same parts?

No, each side of the truck uses a special type of light. Although you can get lights that look and function identically, you must order the proper lights for the drivers side and the passengers side of your pickup. The products are not interchangeable. You should read the owners manual carefully and check the part numbers before ordering to ensure that you get exactly what you want or need.

What comes with each Chevrolet C10 taillight?

The lights usually come with the housing apparatus for a quick installation in your C10. This may vary based on the specifications and model year of your Chevrolet C10 pickup. Be sure to check the owners manual carefully to get the proper truck parts needed. Lights may be sold separately, and sometimes, they are available in replacement kits that include the entire light assembly.