BMW 325i Taillights

The BMW 325i is the E46 fourth generation of BMW’s entry-level luxury vehicle that the company has produced since 1975. With such a venerable history, parts are plentiful to find. If you determine that your rear light array needs a replacement or upgrade, it is easy to find the correct BMW 325i taillights.

What do you look for in a rear light assembly?

Aside from the obvious factor of whether you need a bulb or a replacement lens, you should make note of whether you need a right or left light on your BMW 3 Series. Due to the curvature of the part, BMW manufactured each lens and lens frame for your vehicle in the proper orientation in order to make replacement easy. Other parts, such as globes, are not oriented. However, with all parts, you should be sure to know your model year and trim level in order to find a part that will fit your 325i car correctly.

What kinds of replacement lights are available for BMWs?

BMW supplies genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) lights and related parts for all their cars. These parts come from the manufacturer, so they will have the exact specs as the original part that was installed on your car at the factory. Other choices will also work, however, and these aftermarket options include CAPA certified parts, which should fit and operate well when installed according to directions provided you’ve chosen a part made for your BMW 3 Series model year and trim level.

How can you enhance the look of your BMW’s lights?

Two ways to display your individual style through your lights are in the choice of lens color and type of bulb. For instance, smoke or tinted lenses offer a distinction from the standard red, clear, or amber. As for bulbs, halogen, incandescent, and LED taillights all provide illumination in low light, letting other drivers see your car as they approach from behind. LED taillights, in particular, provide a high level of illumination with the advantage of having a surface that is cool to the touch.

Do bulb types change according to model year?

Yes. The E46 fourth generation of the BMW 325i introduced LED taillights, but you have the choice of retaining them or switching out to another type. Halogen sheds a wide range of illumination in much the same way as the LED bulbs, and incandescent types provide a softer glow.

Will you need to replace the entire lighting assembly?

BMW offers complete array assemblies. You may wish to take into account, however, whether you want to retain your BMW’s current appearance while restoring functionality or if you to fine tune your vehicles rear appearance. If a sensor for your plug assembly is the only current problem, you could replace the entire assembly or just the plug. The plug is a vital component because that assembly holds the source of illumination, the bulb.

What are the taillight frames and lenses made from?

The frames and lenses of BMW 3 Series taillights are made from polycarbonates. These are thermoplastic polymers containing carbon, which makes the material tough. Polycarbonates are easily molded to specific shapes and some forms are optically transparent, which suits automotive purposes when coupled with their low weight and high resistance to impact.