TV Stands & Entertainment Units

Entertainment Units & TV Stands

Keeping yourself entertained isn't just about having a nice TV. Media mavens need spots to stash video game systems, DVDs and Blu-rays, remote controls, and video games. An entertainment unit combines all of those pieces into one handy and streamlined center that offers up media at your fingertips, and keeps consoles and systems nice and neat. From small stands that save space, to large units with multiple drawers and shelves, media centers are a must for reducing clutter and creating a beautiful TV and movie-watching station that's a pleasure to use.

Take a Stand

Simple and stylish, TV stands are smaller than a traditional media center, but offer up just enough room for a TV, DVD or Blu-ray player, and possibly a gaming console or two. Usually available with a combination of cabinets and shelves, stands come in different heights to fit into your home perfectly. Made of wood or glass, TV stands look like a pretty table with perks. When you don't need all the bells and whistles of a larger unit, an adjustable, versatile stand comes in handy.

Up Against the Wall

The largest type of media center is the wall unit. Typically, these oversized designs take up most of the all, and hold all of your media needs as well as movies and games. Made with additional shelves on the side or underneath, these styles have plenty of space available. Select styles made especially for wall mounted sets, or for more traditional TVs that need a shelf to stand on. From modern chrome and glass designs to rustic wooden options, a wall unit complements your other furniture to create an overall aesthetic that reflects your style personality. Keep gaming supplies under control and eliminate looking for lost remotes. Some options have enough space to add some accents, too, like favorite framed photos or other knick knacks.

Turn the Tables

The best of both worlds, a media console table is the best compromise between a stand and a wall unit. Roughly the size of a coffee table, a media console usually has drawers and cabinets but doesn't require as much space as a wall unit. Purchase a contemporary floating design to complement a wall mounted set, or opt for a sideboard-style unit with stylish sliding doors. Shabby chic designs with barn doors go great with country décor, while a more modern glass designs offer a sophisticated silhouette. Place a soundbar or speaker system on shelves to create a home movie theater system, or line the shelves with your favorite games and movies.