What to Consider When Looking for TV Power Supply Boards

If your Sony Television suddenly starts acting strange when you attempt to turn it on, it may be time to look into replacing the power supply on the appliance. The first step in determining whether or not you need to replace the power supply on your LED TV is to make sure the problem isn't coming from the power outlet or power cable that the television is hooked up to. Try moving your television around to a different outlet. If the problem persists then it may be time to open up the back of the LED TV to check on the power board yourself to determine if it might need replacing.

What are Some Symptoms of a Power Supply Unit That Has Gone Bad?

If your LED television is getting old, it may start showing quite a few signs of a bad power supply unit.

  • Some users notice that the picture on their TV never shows up once they power up their television. Others notice that it shows up but either takes more time than usual or shows up warped or slightly different.
  • For some, the problem may seem like no big deal, but if the picture on your LED TV is nonexistent or severely warped, you should begin a diagnostic check to make sure it's the power supply board that needs to be replaced.
  • After doing both a power reset and factory reset on your device, you should open the back of the TV and look at the power board. If the board looks warped or is bulging out, you should begin searching for a power supply board that matches your television's make and model.
  • Other symptoms your power supply may need to be replaced are sudden issues with the picture or sound or issues that have gradually gotten worse over time.

Does The Board Come With Cables For The TV?

  • Generally the cables on your TV won't have to be replaced if the board needs replacing.
  • Most power boards don't come with the power cord that connects the power supply to various parts of the television but they can easily be found, if needed, for not much extra cost.

Can I Use Any Power Supply Unit for My Sony Bravia LCD TV?

  • Owners of the Sony Bravia TV should replace the power supply with a make and model that's specifically designed for that television.
  • Once you've determined which board you need, you should double check with a professional before you attempt to replace the power supply on your own.