What Are TV Main Boards?

When theres a problem with your TV, it can be pretty tempting to just toss the entire thing and get a new one instead of dealing with a repair that youre not sure about. However, replacing a main board doesnt require that you have a tech degree, so when your television shows signs of requiring a replacement part, take matters into your own hands.

What Are Some Basics About Main Boards?

Most of us dont know the difference between all of the various parts of televisions and other electronic devices, so having some background information on what a TVs main board is and what it does can be helpful.

  • This part is also known as the circuit board or the motherboard. Its essentially the brain of your television, and its where different circuits come together to complete tasks that produce the audio and video you view and hear when you turn your LG TV on.
  • All of your televisions ports are located via this board, which means that there are multiple control functions on this main piece of tech. For example, your HDMI, power supply, and other inputs all run out of this equipment.
  • You can use an instrument called a multimeter to test your main board for problems before you purchase a new part and set to work replacing the existing board.

What Are Some Signs That You Need a New Main Board?

You may not always know whats wrong with tech when there is an issue, but when your power board requires replacement, there will likely be a few signs letting you know that things arent quite right.

  • Out of nowhere, the colors on your favorite TV show might look strange, such as the tones not looking right and/or the colors seeming slightly off.
  • When you go to turn the TV off, it wont switch off, and if it does, it may not power back on. You might also turn your television on and find that theres audio, but no video. In some cases, there may be video, but no audio.
  • Another symptom of a faulty main board is that your ports wont work when youre trying to use a peripheral like a gaming console or Blu-ray player.

What Do You Need to Replace This Part?

Just looking at a board can be a little anxiety-inducing since it looks like a bunch of circuits that you have no idea what they do. Its actually not as overwhelming as it seems, however, and to replace it with a new one, youll need to gather a few tools and prepare a workspace.

  • First, you need to find the correct part. This can be done by matching the model number of your TVs existing board to the replacement board, which is located directly on the power board itself. Youll also need to know whether you have an LCD or LED set and how large your set is.
  • Gather the tools you need for the job, including essentials like a screwdriver.
  • When youre the kind of person who doesnt frequently do repairs, you may not have the basics on hand. In that case, purchase a kit that contains everything you need to make this repair as painless as possible, though you may have to purchase some tools separately.

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