Surfing Board Bags & Socks

Surfing Board Bags and Socks

Before you hit the surf, it is important to protect your surfboard with a bag or sock cover. These covers can prolong the life of your surfboard by protecting it between surf trips. Common surfboard bag and sock brands include Dakine and Pro-Lite.

What is right for you--a bag or board sock?

Your choice of a surfboard bag or board sock all depends on how you plan to travel with your surfboard.

  • Surfboard bags, like the ones manufactured by Dakine and Pro-Lite, provide more padding and temperature insulation for your surfboard. A surfboard bag is best if you plan to travel with your surfboard strapped to the top of your car or on an airplane.
  • Surfboard socks are made of stretchy fabric. Major brands like Dakine and Pro-Lite also offer socks. A surfboard sock is best if you travel with your surfboard inside your vehicle or otherwise protected.
Does the shape of the surfboard bag or sock matter?

It is important that your cover corresponds to your surfboard's type. Longboards and shortboards are the most common type of board in the surf community. Some types of covers, especially socks, can stretch to fit multiple types, but always double-check compatibility with these types when shopping:

  • Longboard
  • Shortboard
  • Funboard
  • SUP (Stand-Up Paddle) Board
What features are important in a bag?

There are two types of surfboard bags: day bags and travel bags. Manufacturers like Dakine and Pro-Lite usually offer both types. Day bags are intended for day trips to and from the beach, while travel bags (including "coffin-style") are designed for longer travel, including air travel. What features you find most important will depend on how you plan to use the surfboard bag, but below is a general list of things to look for in a bag:

  • A good-quality zipper protects your surfboard from slipping out.
  • Wheels are helpful for maneuvering a travel bag in an airport situation.
  • Shoulder straps make the surfboard bag easier to carry; this is especially important for longboards, which are more difficult to maneuver.
  • External pockets can be used to store wetsuits and other gear.
What features are important in a sock?

Board socks like the ones offered by Dakine and Pro-Lite protect your surfboard from scratches and UV exposure between surf trips. Below is a list of features to consider while shopping for a board sock:

  • A fabric pattern you like, since board socks' variety is part of their appeal.
  • Shoulder straps or handles for ease of use on a surf trip.
  • Padded noses to provide extra protection for your surfboard.