Super Mario Bros. TV, Movie & Video Game Action Figures

Super Mario Bros TV, Movie, & Video Game Action Figures

Super Mario Bros has grown into a brand that spans countless video games, movies, and TV programs. Nintendo and other companies produce a wide range of action figures. Here are some questions that may come up when selecting Super Mario Bros toys for your collection.

What is the difference between loose and sealed action figures?

There are several options for acquiring Super Mario toys. Here are two of the main types of options available.

  • Sealed action figures will be found in the original packaging. Some collectors choose to keep their action figures sealed to preserve their mint condition status. Some sealed Super Mario toys will have special edition artwork or additional details that appeal to collectors.
  • Loose Super Mario action figures will have the package removed. Some collectors prefer to remove them so that they can be posed with included accessories and then displayed in a case or on a desk.
What types of action figures are available?

There are many types of Super Mario toys available. Finding the right ones can be accomplished once you understand what’s available.

  • Blind packs - These will be similar to a pack of trading cards. Each blind pack has a random Mario toy in the packaging, and you may need to open multiple packs to complete a collection.
  • Pull back toys - The most common Super Mario pull back toys will be from the Mario Kart series. These Mario toys have a mechanism inside that allows them to be pulled backwards on a surface so that they can drive forward.
  • PVC figures - These can range from a variety of single pose and poseable painted action figures. Some will be part of a set packaged together as well.
  • Plush action figures - These Super Mario figures can range between 5 and 15 inches tall and are often made of a soft fabric filled with stuffing or other filling.
What are tips for selecting a Super Mario action figure?

Finding the right Super Mario Bros action figure can be accomplished even with the many options available. Here are some tips for making a selection.

  • Choose a brand - You can choose from official options like those from Nintendo, or from a list of companies that have a license for producing Super Mario toy alternatives.
  • Choose a type - You can select from action figures made of PVC plastic, plush, or other materials depending on your collecting needs.
  • Choose a theme - Several Mario action figures will be designed based on a particular game or movie.
  • Choose a character - Each character will have multiple options that have different outfits or colors
What Super Mario Bros characters can you choose from?

There are many characters options to choose from the Super Mario Bros Universe. You can choose some of the more common options like the brothers Mario and Luigi. There are also several smaller characters like Yoshi, Princess Peach, and Koopa troopers depending on what you prefer.

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