Sunroofs, Hard Tops & Soft Tops for Jeep Wrangler


Sealed-roof cars are practical, but convertibles lift the spirits. With your Jeep Wrangler, both possibilities are at your fingertips. Wrangler convertible tops come in both hard tops and soft top varieties, with available accessories that allow you to modify them to your liking.

What is the difference between sun- and moon-roofs?

Jeep Wranglers accommodate both hard tops and soft tops. Both kinds of coverings have benefits.

Jeep sunroofs, while including proprietary parts, often have parts like other kinds of roofs. Most of these devices include at least two panels, one of which is rigid, strong, and often made of same material as the vehicle itself. This outer panel contributes to overall structural integrity and also protects the second panel, which is usually glass.

The second panel opens to the outside by tilting, popping up, retracting, or being removed. The opening mechanism of the glass panel usually defines the type of roof in use.

  • Spoiler Tops - Known for providing smaller openings, spoilers include a panel that slides backward while tilting.
  • Pop-Ups - Much like Spoilers, Pop Up convertible covers tilt when opened and require manual turning of a lever.
  • Built-Ins - Built-Ins feature a power-operated panel that slides into an interior enclosure.
  • Top-Mounted - Also power-operated, roof-mounted panels slide open to the outside of vehicles.

Moonroofs and sunroofs are almost the same, but moonroofs are like an extra window on the roof of the vehicle. Because moonroofs are glass panels built into the roof of the car, they often include interior panels that occupants can slide shut to block sunlight and promote security.

What are some materials you should be aware of?

If you are in the market for soft top designs, you can make better choices if you know a little bit about some fabric options. Each kind of fabric has its strong points, but all are capable of providing your Jeep Wrangler with effective, comprehensive coverage.

Sailcloth - Tough and durable, this soft top material includes an outer layer sealed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to repel water and other liquids.

German Canvas - This material includes a rubberized inner layer mated to a twill outer layer.