Sun Visors for Toyota Tacoma

Sun Visors for Toyota Tacoma

If youre looking for a replacement visor for your Toyota Tacoma, or looking to add additional coverage, you can find a number of options to add shade and sun protection to your truck. You can find flip-down sun visors to replace a broken or damaged visor or opt for innovative models with additional features. There are models from a range of manufacturers to suit a variety of visor needs.

What are automotive visors and how do they work?

Automotive sun visors were designed to reduce the glare of the sun at any time of the day so the driver can see the road, other vehicles, and pedestrians for a safe driving experience. Introduced in 1924, visors were quickly identified as an important safety feature and were in use in all cars and trucks shortly thereafter.

Sun visors are installed at the top of the windshield inside of the Toyota truck. Many are manually adjusted to whatever position would be most beneficial to the driver and have the capability to flip horizontally to block out sunlight from coming through the side windows. Some have extensions, panels that allow them to provide even more coverage. They are available for placement in the front, rear, left, and right areas of the truck.

What types of Toyota Tacoma visors are available?

There are a number of options for Toyota Tacoma truck sun visors. You can choose both automatic and manual varieties and items with and without optional features like extensions, lighting, mirrors, pockets, and more.

How do you select sun visors for your Toyota Tacoma?
  • Be prepared: Before you get started, know the year and trim line of your truck so you can select a compatible product.
  • Choose a color: Select a color that will suit your trucks interior. It might be a case of selecting a visor that matches the interior as it is now. However, if youre customizing the material or restoring it, having an idea of what the interior color will be at the end of the project ensures picking out the correct item. If the interior will be multi-colored, you might even select a contrasting color.
  • Select a type: Do you want a standard sun visor or an automated one? If you select a manual visor, it will be easy to install since it will require no wiring or special installation. If you select an automated visor, know that they use sensors and a motor to position the visor to provide coverage. Some automated visors lower to cover the lower windshield as well, using see-through material that greatly reduces the glare of sunlight but that doesnt otherwise diminish the drivers visibility.
  • Opt for features: Some sun visors have mirrors with doors that lift or slide back. Other items include lighting with the mirror, both LED and solar-powered for maximum efficiency. There are visors with pockets for small items or documents and others with extensions that provide further coverage, like the space between the driver and passenger side visors.