Sun Visors for Honda Fit

Honda Fit Sun Visors

When driving around in your Honda, you can use a sun visor to keep the light out of your eyes. Traditional models flip down from the roof next to the windshield to stop the sun coming through the glass. Youll find different types of Honda Fit sun visors from Honda and other companies.

What is a sun visor for the Honda?

The most basic type of sun visor is the version that comes stock or standard on this car. It has a finish that matches the interior of your car and may come in black and white options. The sun visor has a piece that mounts onto the roof of your car. It also has a small clip that holds one end of the visor in place. You can grab one end and pull it down from the roof. This lets you lower it against the windshield or turn it away from you. Turning it to the side blocks the light coming in through the drivers side window. The same design applies to those made from the passengers side of the car. Sun visors may have a built-in mirror with lights.

What is a mesh visor for the Honda?

An alternative to a standard sun visor is a mesh visor. This is an example of an aftermarket part that you can use on your car. Made from a lightweight mesh, it comes in both black and white versions. These products are also often adjustable to work on each window of the vehicle. Mesh visors are suitable for use on your back windows. The mesh does a good job of blocking out the light while still letting your passengers see out. Mesh visors also restrict the view that others have into your backseat.

Are sun visors compatible with all Honda Fit generations?

No, not all sun visors are compatible across all models, which is why you need to know your Honda Fit generation. Honda issued the first generation in 2001 and ended it in 2008. Its second generation ran from 2009 to 2014, which is when the third generation started. Most sun visors will only work with specific generations. Those made between 2001 and 2008 will work with the same parts. Sun visors made in 2009 will only work with the second generation. You can use the age or year of your vehicle to determine what generation it is and which visors you need.

What are OEM Honda visors?

OEM products for the Honda Fit are those made by Honda and no other company. As Honda is the official manufacturer of this model, its also the official manufacturer of all replacement parts. OEM parts, which stands for original equipment manufacturer, are those made by one specific company. Aftermarket visors are available from other companies and will work on this Honda model. Both Covercraft and Intro-Tech Automotive make visors for the car. These are examples of branded aftermarket products. Unbranded visors will work with this Honda car but come from companies not listed or mentioned on the products.