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Sumdex Laptop Briefcases

Finding the Right Laptop Briefcase

For maintaining a professional look while providing the amount of storage you need for your laptop computer and accessories, a Sumdex briefcase fits the bill. No matter what size your computer is, you can find a briefcase-style case to securely hold and carry your computer from home to work or anywhere else to catch up on emails or finish spreadsheets.

What Are Some Features of Briefcases?

Not only are laptop bags sturdy storage for your computer, but they help to ensure the protection and safety of your device when youre on the go.

  • Compartments and pouches let you organize your items, whether its pens and pencils, your smartphone and keys, or your laptop charger. In addition, zippered compartments keep things secure and where they should be.
  • Need your arms free for carrying luggage or other items? Nab a laptop bag that comes with a detachable shoulder strap that you can use to carry the tote over your shoulder or across your chest when you cant use the handle.
  • An expandable model can handle your laptop and more. The construction of the bag allows for expansion, creating more room for files, documents, or folders when you need to carry more things along with you for a meeting or class.

How Do You Select the Right Laptop Bag?

There are a few considerations to keep in mind as you search for the right bag for your computer and accessories.

  • Be mindful of what size your laptop actually is. Do you have a small netbook thats only 12 inches, or a larger laptop that measures 17 inches? Be sure to select the bag model that corresponds with your machine for the proper fit.
  • Think about color, material, and style. These bags vary from neutral brown or black to bolder red shades and come in numerous fabrics, such as polyester, canvas, or nylon.
  • Consider whether you need external and internal compartments based on what youll be carrying in your bag.

Which Bag Models Are Available?

Based on the above factors, you can consider a few different Sumdex cases.

  • The Passage model holds a 13-inch machine, is made of polyester, and has external and internal pockets.
  • Choose the rugged Full Throttle design for a waterproof case that fits a 15-inch device and has multiple interior spots for your stuff.
  • The smooth black Bantambrief model holds a 15-inch computer and has a handle along with a strap. Its made of lightweight polyester and includes numerous slots and spaces inside meant especially for pens, business cards or your ID, and your charger.

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