Subaru Forester Splash Guards and Mud Flaps

When roads are wet, muddy, or rocky, splash guards or mud flaps can protect your Subaru Forester. Mud flaps help keep your truck clean. Without mud flaps or splash guards, road debris may damage the paint job on your Subaru Forester.

What is the purpose of Subaru Forester mud flaps?

Mud flaps are accessories that stop mud, snow, gravel, and other debris from hitting the body of your car or truck. Without splash guards to protect your truck, your vehicle may quickly get dirty. Plus, your Subaru may develop rust or corrosion from the scratches that debris can put on the paint job of a Forester.

What is the difference between splash guards and mud flaps?

These are two names for the same type of Subaru accessories. By either name, these are protective pieces that attach to the front and rear wheel wells of your Subaru Forester. These truck parts are typically made of plastic or rubber, and they can be flat or molded.

What are the benefits of Subaru Forester splash guards?

Although drivers in any climate can benefit from the protection of mud flaps on their front and rear wheels, there are some environments in which splash guards are particularly useful. Subaru Forester splash guards are a priority truck part for people who regularly drive in areas with:

  • Snow - Not only can front and rear splash guards protect your vehicle from snow and slush, but they can also keep road salt away from the bottom of your vehicle.
  • Rain - In rainy climates, the roads are often wet, and rain can cause roads to be muddy. Without splash guards on your front and rear wheels, this water and mud can splash onto your own SUV or onto the cars and trucks around you.
  • Dust - Dusty roads can leave a fine layer of dirt on your Subaru Forester and on the other vehicles on the road.
  • Rocks - If not stopped by splash guards, gravel and other rocks can scratch or nick the paint of your Subaru Forester.
  • Sand - Without mud flaps, gritty sand can damage your trucks paint job like gravel does.
How do you install mud flaps on a Subaru Forester?

If you want to increase splash protection for your Subaru Forester or if your splash guards become damaged, you can install new front and rear mud flaps on your vehicle. For proper installation, follow the instructions that come with your Subaru Forester splash guards. The following directions can give you a general idea of installation steps for vehicle mud flaps:

  • To access the wheel wells, turn the tires outward. For rear installation, it can be easier to remove the tires first.
  • Align the mud flap with the mounting points on your Subaru Forester.
  • Use washers and screws to affix the mud flap to the vehicle.
  • Before tightening the screws, look at your Subaru Forester from the front to ensure that the mud flap is hanging straight.