Volkswagen Jetta Spoilers and Wings

A spoiler or wing is an accessory that is usually installed on the trunk of your Volkswagen Jetta. While they were traditionally used on race cars to reduce the amount of drag, these accessories are commonly found on street-legal vehicles to help stabilize smaller cars that regularly travel at higher speeds. Those who are looking to customize their Volkswagen vehicle may wish to consider adding these accessories for some extra style.

What are some features of spoilers and wings?
  • Spoilers: These parts are generally small panels that are mounted close to the body of the Volkswagen. They alter the airflow around the body of the car, reducing lift that can make it feel unstable.
  • Wings: These accessories are mounted on pedestals and brackets. Wings produce a downforce on the vehicle, preventing it from lifting off the road in high winds or when traveling at high speeds.
What are the types of spoilers available for Volkswagen?

There are three main types of spoilers for the Volkswagen. They include:

  • Front: These spoilers are usually located on the front of the Volkswagen below the bumper. They reduce resistance while improving traction and stability by forcing the flow of air up over the car instead of underneath it.
  • Pedestal: These spoilers are mounted to the boot of the Volkswagen. They are generally used on cars that regularly drive at higher speeds. Like wings, they reduce drag and create lift at high speeds.
  • Lip: These parts are smaller than pedestal spoilers or wings. They are also mounted to the boot of the Volkswagen and can create a sporty look. They are also far more effective on Volkswagen cars that regularly travel at lower speeds.
What materials are spoilers or wings made from?

Volkswagen spoilers and wings are made from four main materials, including:

  • Fiberglass: This durable material is able to withstand exposure from the elements and high pressure. It is often used for custom wings as the material is malleable.
  • Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber is often used for Volkswagen parts as it is both strong and lightweight. In addition to having a long lifespan, carbon fiber does not add any unnecessary weight to your Volkswagen.
  • Polyurethane composite: Parts made from polyurethane composite are lightweight and mass-produced, making them easy to obtain. They can also be customized, making them an option for those who are looking to make their Volkswagen sporty or more rugged.
  • Silicone: This material is incredibly strong but still has plasticity. This means it can withstand the elements, including extreme cold or extreme heat. It is also resistant to UV damage and road debris.