Spoilers & Wings for Porsche Cayman

Introduced in 2006, the Porsche Cayman is a two-seat sports coupe with rear wheel drive. Spoilers and wings can add to the aesthetics and performance of your car. This product category features listings for these and associated parts and accessories for your Cayman.

What is the difference between spoilers and wings?

Both attach externally to the body of the car to alter the flow of air when the vehicle is in motion. Spoilers are intended to reduce or "spoil" unfavorable airflow over the body of the car, thereby reducing drag and increasing fuel efficiency. Wings, which are likened to wings on an aircraft, are intended to direct airflow downward to enable the car to have faster cornering and greater stability at high speeds.

What types of spoilers and wings are available?

As with other types of cars, the types available for the Cayman include the following:

  • Rear-mounted: To improve drag coefficient by altering airflow.
  • Front-mounted: In addition to improving drag coefficient, directs air for engine cooling.
  • Active: Extends when the vehicle reaches speed.
  • Whale tail: Introduced by Porsche on its vehicles to reduce rear end lift and prevent oversteering.
  • Double-decker: To redirect more airflow
What materials are used in these parts?

Those available for the Cayman may come in the following materials with these characteristics:

  • ABS plastic: A common thermoplastic polymer often combined with filler material for stiffening.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass cloth infused with resin, known for durability.
  • Silicon: Organic silicon polymers known for high thermal characteristics and longer product lifetime.
  • Carbon fiber: Lightweight and durable.
What are the different types of installation?

There are three ways to install spoilers and wings on your Cayman:

  • Professional: Take your car and the kit to a body shop and have the installation done by a professional.
  • Drill: Drill holes in your car trunk to attach the mounting brackets.
  • No-drill: Use adhesive tape to fasten the mounting brackets to the trunk of your car.
Whats involved in installation by drilling?

Improper placement or sizing of drill holes may damage the appearance of your vehicle. If you wish to use a drill-on spoiler or wing, it is recommended that you either engage the services of a professional or thoroughly review an installation manual or video before commencing. Here is a brief overview:

  • Gather equipment: Drill, wrench, tape measure, touch-up paint, protective eyewear, and other items.
  • Assemble parts: Attach brackets to wing and tighten bolts.
  • Mark location: Mount the brackets on the car and determine location of drill holes, marking with grease pencil or tape.
  • Drill holes: Use the drill to make holes in upper and lower layers and a sander to smooth the edges for appearance and fit.
  • Place spolier: Place spoiler with bracket holes lined up with drill holes, bolt in place. Touch up as needed.
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