Pimping Your Ride with a New Spoiler

Updating your Nissan Altima with a new look can be as easy as adding a spoiler to the rear. Not only are spoilers stylish, they are also functional too. 

Why Do I Need a Spoiler?

The main reasons why an Altima rear spoiler is a good choice for you are if you want to improve the look of your car and the performance. Many people like the look of a chrome spoiler as it can make your vehicle look more racy or sporty, but are perhaps unaware of the real reason why these parts exist in the first place. Some vehicles have them straight out of the factory while others can have the installation done privately. The performance benefits of having a spoiler on the rear are:

  • Weight: Although they are relatively light, as many use carbon fiber, by adding some extra weight to your car, you can increase your wheel grip on the road. The aerodynamic device deflects air upward that creates a down force on the car. 
  • Reducing drag: The less air resistance your car has, the less gas that you use in your Altima. 

How Do I Install a Spoiler?

Upgrading your vehicle cart with one of these exterior additions is a fairly simple job but you will need to choose between a piece that does require drilling, or does not require drilling, but also matches your trim. 

  • Drilling option: Any rear spoiler that sits several inches above the trunk on pedestals will require drilling. You will need to make holes through your trunk lid with a power drill and it is imperative that you read instructions carefully in the kit before touching your car. Some models have a built in brake lights so you will be required to make an extra hole to allow for the brake light wire to be able to connect. Drivers behind you will be able to see the light on the rear spoiler when you brake. 
  • No drill option: These are a good choice if drilling into the bodywork makes you nervous. This type of rear spoiler is installed using adhesive tape that is automotive grade. The car must be extremely clean so that the tape stays in place. The types of spoiler that use tape to install are lip spoilers and flush-mounted.

Do I Need a Specific Nissan Altima Spoiler?

While there are specific factory style spoilers for the Altima, it is also possible to select a universal spoiler. Universal spoilers tend to fit with most makes of vehicle and will come with instructions on how to install in the correct way. Make sure to choose a paint color that blends in with your existing auto color or alternately choose a contrasting paint color for the rear to get a dramatic styling. 

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