Spoilers and Wings for the Nissan 350Z

Between 2002 and 2009, Nissan made the 350Z two-door sports car called the Fairlady in Japan, representing the fifth generation of the automakers Z-cars. Since 2009, the 350Z has been Nissans street sportscar model. Spoilers, or fiberglass or carbon fiber add-ons, including bumpers, valances, or rear spoilers, are available for the Nissan 350Z coupe.

Can the 350Z use spoilers?

The Nissan 350Z was made in both coupe and roadster models and came in several types of trim, suspension, and performance packages. Spoilers can enhance the Nissan 350Zs performance by changing its aerodynamics. Other add-ons, such as spoilers, valances, and skirts, enhance the Nissans appearance.

  • The Nissan Fairlady Z was the first Nissan Z sportscar in the 1960s, as well as a name for the 350Z car in the 2000s.
  • The Nissan 350Z Coupe has five-speed and six-speed manual transmission options and a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces more than 300 horsepower.
  • The coupe factory trims include base, enthusiast, performing, touring, and track versions.
What are Nissan NISMO editions?

NISMO is Nissans performance division for street-legal sports vehicles. The division made several racing versions of the Nissan 350Z, including the R-Tune, S-Tune GT, and NISMO 350Z, with aerodynamics based on the companys Super GT-winning car. The Japanese automaker also issued police editions and the Type 380RS-related competition car.

What are wings on performance cars?

Wings can add downforce to your Nissan 350Z, which are intended to improve the cars stability and cornering ability at high speeds. Also called rear spoilers, wings may also add style to the Nissan 350Z. The spoiler is attached to the rear of the car, either directly below the rear window or at the rear of the trunk or hatch.

  • Aluminum parts are often bolted on, painted, and used for off-road or rally looks.
  • Carbon fiber wings are lightweight and flexible.
  • Paintable wings are also available.
What are spoilers for the Z car?

Spoilers may also be used as a term for rear wings, and they can also refer to Nissan 350Z front-end bumper modifications and complete body kits, including underskirts, and front and rear bumpers. Some spoilers add cosmetic changes, while others have aerodynamic influences on the cars handling at top speeds. Side skirts are a type of spoiler attached to the sides of the 350Z and are intended to reduce air drag at high speeds.

What is the difference between 350Z OEM and aftermarket spoilers?

Accessories that are manufactured to Nissan standards, or specs, and are intended for use on original or stock Nissan 350Z cars are referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, accessories. Spoilers that manufacturers refer to as aftermarket or kit parts are original and not authorized by Nissan. These accessories add to and modify the Nissan 350Z manufacturer specs and are not the same as OEM parts.

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