Honda Accord Spoilers and Wings

Honda Accord wings and spoilers are used to give a vehicle a performance edge on the track or the street. The idea of installing these aftermarket items on a vehicle comes from the aerospace industry. Its believed that spoilers create a downward force that benefits the car at high rates of speed.

What materials are Honda Accord lip spoilers made of?

Honda Accord lip and rear spoilers are intended to be lightweight to achieve performance benefits. In most situations, a Honda Accords spoiler is made of

  • Carbon fiber
  • Aluminum
  • ABS composite materials
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
Can an aftermarket Honda Accord rear spoiler be painted?

There are many aftermarket spoilers and wings available for a Honda Accord. The accessories can be painted to match a cars existing paint job. Some wings and spoilers are intended to be a particular color, such as black, and not intended to be repainted without being sanded and primed first. You can also find these accessories in blue, red, silver and white.

Are Honda Accord wings vehicle-specific?

Honda has manufactured the Accord since 1976, and some products are offered with universal fit. Through the years, the shape of the Accord has gone through drastic body changes. For this reason, custom Accord spoilers are specific. Furthermore, Accord spoilers are also model specific. In order to get an aftermarket spoiler that will fit your Honda specifically and provide the performance benefits you desire, its important to order a car make and model-specific accessory.

What performance spoilers are available for the Honda Accord?

The Honda Accord is a favorite make and model for fast car enthusiasts. For those who purchased this car with the intent to drive fast, adding a performance wing or spoiler to the rear of the car is simple. There are many different high-performance options on the market, such as the following. Each of these provides cosmetic or performance enhancements that drivers crave.

  • Touring wings
  • Factory style custom spoilers
  • High wings
  • High-performance wings
How do you install a Honda spoiler?

It is possible to install a Honda spoiler at home; the process is simple and doesnt require any special tools. It does take patience and an eye for detail. There should be no gaps between the trunk spoiler and the body when it is installed. If gaps are present, re-installation will be necessary to remove gaps. Gaps can compromise the installation and be noticeable by others.