Ford Focus Spoilers and Wings

Spoilers and wings for the Ford Focus are a simple and effective way to add style to the body and performance to the engine. Spoilers and wings can be added to the front or rear, at both ends, or the roof of the car. Depending on where the spoilers or wings get attached, the Ford’s performance will be modified by changing the aerodynamic flow.

What is the difference between a wing and a spoiler?

Wings will change the airflow on the vehicle by creating downward pressure on the car and tires. As the cars speed increases, the wing causes more drag, which creates more traction. Better traction equals better handling and braking.

When accelerating, spoilers reduce drag and improve the airflow around the automobile. The spoiler alters the aerodynamics creating less resistance, and the car’s gas mileage improves.

How do you install a lip style rear spoiler?

Lip spoilers on your Focus extend off the top edge of the trunk above the license plate, which causes a slick, racy finish. These spoilers are applied with glue and/or tape.

  • Prepare the car and spoiler by first washing the trunk lip thoroughly and rub with isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol will remove any lasting oils or residues. Some spoilers will be prepackaged with tape on the back, but some manufacturers will require you to put the tape on. If the tape is not already affixed, apply it slowly and in small sections to the backside of the spoiler. For now, leave the outside facing tape covered.
  • With the back side of the tape still covered, line up the spoiler on the lip. When you have it centered, mark the corners, top, and bottom with tape, careful not to tape the spoiler down. These tape markings are the guide for the finally attachment.
  • If the manufacturer suggests using silicone adhesive, apply it between the tape markings now.
  • Remove the backing of the tape on the spoiler, reposition between tape markings and press, making sure to stay within the tape guides. Hold for several minutes.
  • Remove guide tape. Do not drive the car or wash the spoiler for at least 12 hours. This will allow the tape and/or silicone time to adhere.
How do you install a pedestal style rear spoiler?

Pedestal spoilers sit on top of the trunk, supported by legs. The supports bolt to the car. If they are not already attached to the spoiler, bolt the supports on.

  • Center the assembled rear spoiler across the back, and mark the support holes.
  • Check the interior space, making sure there are no wires or objects in the path of the holes. Drill the openings. It is safer to begin with a smaller drill hole, than increase to the appropriate size. This will help ensure against over drilling.
  • In order to keep the drill holes from rusting, lightly sand, clean off, than paint with touch-up paint. Allow it to dry.
  • Hold the fully assembled spoiler over the drill holes, and attach with the nuts and bolts furnished. Check to make sure the spoiler is securely attached.