Dodge Challenger Spoilers and Wings

Dressing up the body of your Dodge Challenger is quick and easy with certain accessories, such as spoilers and wings. Not only do these aftermarket parts improve the style of your Challenger, but they can also increase its stability at high speeds. When choosing a wing for the rear end, front, or roof of your Dodge that is aesthetically pleasing and functional there are several options for picking just the right accessory.

What are the functions of a Dodge Challenger spoiler?

Spoilers for Dodge Challengers have five main functions:

  • Increase or decrease drag: The front and rear spoiler was initially designed to increase drag on race cars to prevent the back wheels from lifting. Spoilers for Dodge Challengers may actually be designed to decrease drag, improving stability of the car at higher speeds.
  • Redirect airflow: They prevent air from flowing in under the vehicle at high speeds. By having air flow over the muscle car, it is less likely to lift from the road.
  • Brake stability: This part increases the down force on the rear part of the Challenger, so the rear brakes are much more stable at high speeds.
  • Aesthetics: Some Challenger owners use this part to add to the vehicles racing look.
  • Brake lights: Some aftermarket accessories have brake lights attached to them, making the Dodge Challenger safer to drive at night.
What types of spoilers are there?

There are five main types of spoilers you can install on your Dodge Challenger:

  • Front: These products are installed on the front of the vehicle. They are often called air dams because they are aerodynamically designed to reduce the drag on the Dodge.
  • Lip: These minimal accessories go on the front or back of the vehicle. They have a subtle effect that can make the Challenger appear sleeker. It can also make the Dodge look like it has a lower ride height.
  • Pedestal: These rear spoilers are attached to the rear of the Dodge Challenger. They generally look like a wing though the look of the wing can vary depending on your styling preferences.
  • Roof: These devices are aerodynamic and give a unique look to your Challenger. They are constructed to resist wind and harsh weather conditions.
  • Lighted: These accessories have LED lights. They are purely for nighttime aesthetics.
What materials can wings be made from?

Spoilers and wings are generally made from five materials:

  • Fiberglass: This material is durable and easy to work with. It is often paired with resin filling for stability.
  • ABS plastic: Although it is the most fragile, there are tons of options available.
  • Carbon fiber: Wings made from this material are lightweight yet extremely durable, making them common for racing cars.
  • Silicon: This material is known for its durability.
  • Aluminum: This material is lightweight and durable.