Audi A6 Spoilers and Wings

Spoilers and wings can enhance your Audi’s style and performance. With options for the front, sides, and rear of your car, you may wonder which part(s) offer the most benefit. Before upgrading or replacing these parts, you should learn how they work.

What is the purpose of the Audi A6 spoiler?

A spoiler is an aerodynamic device designed to spoil (prevent) unfavorable air from affecting the cars movement while in motion. You will notice them on racing cars. They may be located on the front, sides, or rear of the vehicle, and provide greater control and stability when traveling at high speeds.

  • Front spoilers: When your Audi travels at high speeds, its body moves through a force of air. The air going underneath the car can create lifting pressure, causing the tires to lose their grip on the road. A front spoiler, also called an air dam, fits beneath the car’s bumper. It interrupts the airflow, preventing it from flowing beneath the Audi A6. The result is more stability at high speeds.
  • Side spoilers: The air deflected from the A6s front body moves to its sides. Side spoilers, also known as side skirts, redirect the air toward the rear of the car to prevent it from disturbing the chassis and building up in the wheel well.
  • Rear spoilers: These parts sit on the trunk or rear windshield just below the roof. Like front and side skirts, rear spoilers divert air to provide stability and control.
What’s the difference between A6 wings and spoilers?

Often, individuals use the terms wings and spoilers interchangeably because rear spoilers and wings sit at the cars rear. Although they both improve stability and traction, there are notable differences. To get the performance you desire from your Audi, you should know how the models differ. The following information will help you understand:

  • Both spoilers and wings add style to the A6. Furthermore, they provide balance, allowing you greater control of your Audi.
  • Spoilers block and redirect streams of air around the Audi to keep it on the road.
  • The wings keep the Audis rear on the ground via downforce. This adds traction so that the vehicle stays on the ground during turns.
What materials are Audi spoilers and wings made from?

It’s a good idea to learn the spoiler and wing material options available for your Audi. The difference between plastic and carbon fiber spoilers and wings may surprise you. When it comes time to make a choice, knowing the style advantages for your cars model could help finalize your decision.

  • ABS plastic spoilers and wings: This material is what automotive manufacturers use to make various car parts due to its rigidness and glossy appearance.
  • Fiberglass spoilers and wings: Fiberglass is a lightweight material with a rough texture.
  • Polyurethane spoilers and wings: This durable substance is flexible and has a smooth surface.
  • Carbon-fiber spoilers and wings: Parts made from carbon-fiber materials offer durability, strength, and style. Carbon fiber is lighter than plastic and stronger than steel. The distinct appearance carbon fiber offers makes it a visually appealing favorite.