Audi A4 Spoilers Wings

The Audi A4 is a stylish and spirited car that makes driving fun. Audi spoilers and wings help the aerodynamic performance of your vehicle and add to its aesthetic value. Adding spoilers and wings can help you customize your car to make it your own while increasing its performance.

Why are spoilers used?

Spoilers are used to increase the aerodynamics of your car. They work by "spoiling" or interrupting air turbulence and drag as the car is in motion. This helps them reduce drag and increases their fuel efficiency. Front-spoilers or diffusers are found underneath the front bumper and function to move the air away from the tires and undercarriage of the vehicle to reduce aerodynamic lift. Rear spoilers help decrease turbulence at the back of the car.

What is the difference between a wing and a spoiler?

Though some people believe these basically do the same thing, they actually have different functions. While spoilers help reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency, wings help the vehicle grip the road and provide better traction and stability. Wings also use aerodynamics to help the vehicle, but they do so by increasing the downward force of the air on the vehicle.

What types of material are wings and spoilers made from?
  • ABS plastic: This is a common material used by most original equipment manufacturers. Combining it with various admixtures helps increase its plasticity and durability.
  • Silicon: Silicon has excellent plasticity and thus is very durable.
  • Fiberglass: These are typically formed from fiberglass filler and secured with synthetic tar.
  • Carbon Fiber: Carbon fiber is durable and lightweight, making it a beneficial option. Though it is made similar to fiberglass, the connecting tar is solidified in a pressure chamber using high temperatures.
What is a windshield spoiler?

A windshield spoilers function is to protect the wiper blades from air turbulence and to increase downward air pressure on the wiper blades. This helps the wiper blades maintain proper adhesion to the windshield and to provide an efficient swipe to promote maximum water removal from the windshield.

Are OEM spoilers and wings the same as aftermarket wings?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which in this case is Audi or one of its subsidiaries. OEM parts are those parts that were originally installed at the factory and were specifically made to fit the Audi A4. Aftermarket parts are manufactured by a number of other companies and are designed to fit the A4. Because there are many companies that specialize in these parts, a much larger variety of colors, styles, kits, and options is available.