Toyota Corolla Mud Flaps and Splash Guards

Splash Guards and mudguards help to keep your Toyota in good condition, and theyre on the front and rear tire wells of your car. They are particularly important for Toyota owners who live in areas where inclement weather is common or have less durable fenders. Mudguards are helpful if you drive your Corolla on dirt roads.

How do you install Toyota mud flaps and splash guards?

The specific process that you need to follow depends on the product that you pick for your Corolla. Many Toyota flaps dont require drilling, but some do. Its much easier to install mudguards on your Toyota if drilling is not required. These are the steps that you need to follow if youre installing no drill mudguards on your Toyota Corolla:

  • Make sure that there is no grime or dirt where youre installing front and rear splash guards on your Toyota.
  • Turn the front wheels of your Toyota all the way to the left.
  • Look for the markings on your Toyota splash guards. Ensure that you put them in the correct tire wells.
  • Remove the screws that attached the old splash guards to your Toyota.
  • Put the new products in place, and tighten all the screws, nuts, and washers that were there previously.
How long do Toyota Corolla mud flaps last?

The length of time that they last is variable, but mud flaps and splash guards tend to be quite durable. One important factor that determines how long they last is the road conditions that you drive in. In addition, there are differences in durability between different types of mud flaps.

Do they protect your Toyota Corolla from road salt?

Mud flaps and splash guards can protect some parts of your Toyota Corolla from road salt. This is because they keep your tires from kicking up debris that lands on your car and are highly effective at protecting the fender from it. This can help to prolong the metal components of your Toyota Corolla.

Can you use products that are made for other vehicles?

Products for the Toyota Corolla are specifically designed to fit in the wheel wells of this vehicle. Its essential to make sure that you get flaps that are designed specifically for the Toyota Corolla or for all vehicles that have a wheel well thats the same size.

What styles of mud flaps are available?

While most mud flaps for the Corolla are plain in appearance, some do have different types of images on them. For instance, there are mud flaps for the Toyota Corolla that have logos. You can even get mud flaps for the Toyota Corolla that have the logos of sports teams or colleges on them.