Subaru Impreza Splash Guards and Mud Flaps

The Subaru Impreza is known for its reliability, agility, comfortable ride, and overall quality, and they come in a variety of models that have evolved over the years. Mud flaps are an excellent way to keep your Subaru Impreza in good shape as these accessories help protect the paint job and underside of the car from the rocks, mud, and other debris. There are many mud flap options for an Impreza, varying in shape, material, color, and more.

Is there a difference between splash guards and mud flaps?

Mud flaps and splash guards are essentially the same thing, and they are both parts designed to offer protection against mud, water, snow, dirt, and other debris that may scratch the paint on the side of the Subaru Impreza and underside of the bumper. They also protect against corrosion, collection of debris, and damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle. They are commonly used on the Impreza WRX and STI models and can give your vehicle a unique, aesthetically pleasing look. These accessories go by other names, such as mud guards and splash aprons, but all are referring to the same item.

How do you install rear mud flaps on an Impreza?

The following process may vary slightly depending on the specific Subaru you have and the guards being used.

  1. Take the mud flaps and position them in the desired place on the bumper behind your back tire. Ensure that you leave enough room between the ground and the bottom of the mud guard and that the logo, if there is one, is facing backwards on the product.
  2. Mark on the splash guard the location where the bolts will attach it to the bumper if the item doesnt come with holes. You will then need to drill holes where you have marked to create a space for the bolts. Make sure that the holes are located in the same position on both flaps.
  3. Bolt the mud flap to the bumper and frame. Often, there will be a bracket that should be attached with the guard placed in between the bumper and the bracket.
What are splash guards made of?

Splash guards are manufactured in a variety of materials, resulting in varying benefits and looks. The products made for smaller cars like the Impreza are commonly made of solid plastics and polyurethane, which are durable and highly customizable. Other options include metal, which is durable and resistant to high temperatures, and rubber, which is less likely to dent or break. Consider the benefits of each material and the look you are going for when choosing guards for your vehicle.