Splash Guards and Mud Flaps for Mazda RX-8

The Mazda RX-8 is one of the only sports cars that the manufacturer created over the years. Originally released in 2002, it went through a redesign before the second generation arrived in 2012. With splash guards and mud flaps, you can keep the body and undercarriage of your Mazda RX-8 cleaner.

What is a splash guards kit?

Instead of buying individual splash guards, you can buy a kit that comes with multiple protective pieces and other products. You should always check to see which years models are compatible with the set. Most sets work with either the first or second generation of the car but not both. The packaging should include:

  • Splash guards: Splash guards are pieces usually made from a colored plastic, although some sets do use metal. Each one fits underneath the body of your vehicle and in front of the wheels. As you drive over mud and debris, the pieces cause that debris to fly away from your car.
  • Instructions: A set of instructions should come in the packaging. Most include some images that help you better understand the installation process. The steps tell you how to install splash guards on the front and rear and how to use the hardware.
  • Mounting hardware: The included mounting hardware helps you attach each plastic piece to your car. That hardware creates the fit that you need without damaging the body of your vehicle.
What are official manufacturer paint colors?

Although Mazda and other manufacturers make products for this car, those companies stick to the official paint colors. This makes it easy for you to select the same color as your vehicle’s body. When properly installed, the pieces blend with the finish and wont be obvious. Official colors include both metallic options that have a shinier finish and pearl options that gleam in natural light. Canary Yellow, New Sand, Liquid Silver, and True Red are some of the colors available.

Can you use splash guards on all Mazda RX-8 wheels?

You can use these products on both the front and rear wheels. Those designed for use on rear tires come in two different styles. Some stick to the back of those rear tires, but others attach to the front. Anterior guards cover the very front of your car and sit lower than the bumper. The guards and bumper work together to keep your vehicle clean.

What are mud flaps?

Mud flaps for Mazda vehicles are loose and dont fit tightly against the wheels. When installed, mud flaps hang over the front or back. As you drive over mud and other debris, the mud flaps catch that debris and move it away from your vehicle. Mud flaps are easy to install and come in designs that fit all RX-8 models. Mud flaps usually come in just black and gray shades.