Dodge Charger Splash Guards and Mud Flaps

The Dodge Charger is a full-sized sedan known for its sleek look and smooth ride. Mud flaps and splash guards are commonly installed on Chargers to provide protection from rocks, mud, and other items that may be thrown by the wheels. To help owners get the aesthetics and functionality they require, Dodge Charger splash guards and mud flaps come in numerous colors, designs, shapes, and materials.

How do you install front mud flaps on a Charger?

The following list of steps may vary depending on the model and year of your specific vehicle.

  1. First, check the position of these accessories by holding them in the desired space in the front wheel well behind the tires. Be sure that there is plenty of space between the bottom of the parts and the ground. If there is a logo or custom design on your guards, make sure that they are facing backward so that the design can be seen as intended.
  2. You may have to adjust the length and holes on the flaps so that they fit as desired. Various universal products will not incorporate holes that are needed to mount the guard, so you will need to mark on the mud flaps where the bolts lie and drill holes in them. When performing this step, make sure that the holes are located in the same spot on both guards.
  3. Bolt the mud flaps to the back of the wheel well and frame with the bolts. If these parts come with a bracket for extra durability, mount this on the outside of the mud flap using the same bolts.
What materials are mud flaps made of?

An array of materials are used to make mud flaps, providing many choices that offer different looks and benefits. For smaller sedans, such as the Dodge Charger, these parts are commonly made of inflexible materials, such as plastics and polyurethane. Both of these materials provide durability and customizability as they come in many shapes, colors, and designs. Metals, though less common, are occasionally used and provide a durable option that is resistant to extreme temperatures. Rubber, hardened or flexible, is also used because its highly resistant to cracking, rust, and dents.

What should you consider when looking for mud flaps?

With all the mud flap and splash guard options, there are a few important factors to keep in mind to ensure that you pick the best option for your Dodge Charger. First, consider the year and model of your vehicle to make sure you find an option that fits properly. Then, consider the material you desire as each provides a different look and varying benefits. Lastly, take into consideration your style preferences. There are various colors, logos, and custom options for your Dodge.