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Explore the Features of the Compact PlayStation 4 Slim

Sony released its PlayStation 4 Slim in 2016 as part of a hardware revision to the original PS4 model. The PS4 Slim includes many of the core features you might expect from a Sony gaming console in a slightly smaller form factor. Getting to know a bit about the hardware changes and features can help you learn what your PS4 Slim can do for you.

What are some key design elements of the PS4 Slim?

The more compact version of the standard PlayStation 4 has a few tweaks that set it apart from its predecessor:

  • Size - The PS4 slim is both narrower and shallower than the original gaming console. It is also a bit more rounded and weighs less.
  • Drive space - Later models of the PS4 Slim include a built-in 1TB drive. You may be able to find consoles with larger storage or swap the drive for one with 2TB capacity.
  • Device compatibility - The PS4 Slim is Blu-ray compatible and can play the discs in standard or native HD formats. It includes HDMI ports for video output. It is also compatible with VR technology.
Can you get different editions of the PS4 Slim?

Yes, there are some different packages for the PS4 Slim that you can find on eBay. Each bundle or edition will come with the standard PS4 Slim console at a minimum. Here are a few of the types of items you might come across during your search:

  • PS4 Gold - The PS4 Gold is a limited-edition version of the Slim with a redesigned color scheme. Both the console and the wireless controller have a shiny gold palette instead of the matte black version.
  • Gaming bundles - You may find some Slim consoles from Sony that come with at least one game ready to play. Bundles might ship with titles such as “The Last of Us,” “God of War,” or “Fortnite.”
  • Co-op controllers - Some versions of this PlayStation console might include at least two controllers for cooperative play with a friend.
What are the connectivity options for the PS4 Slim?

In addition to the ability to connect with many peripheral devices, this PlayStation entertainment system has a receiver for local Wi-Fi. You can use this design feature to connect your console to the internet for web browsing via your TV, syncing gaming data, downloading new games digitally, or using apps to access other media options you might enjoy.

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