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Sony Digital SLR Cameras

Sony DSLR Cameras

With Sony DSLR cameras, you have the capabilities necessary to capture all kinds of images from professional-grade landscapes to photos of a childs birthday party. These cameras come in a wide variety of types and feature sets, allowing you to select one thats tailored to your talents. Sony SLR cameras that are digital also come in various resolutions, ranging all the way from 3 megapixels to over 20 megapixels.

What is a DSLR camera?

A DSLR is a digital single-lens reflex camera thats notable for being outfitted with a digital imaging sensor. This sensor allows for a large number of features to be equipped on the device, providing beginner and professional photographers with all the tools and settings they need when shooting images.

The main difference between a DSLR and an SLR is that the latter uses film while the former can store photos directly on the device. These digital full-frame mirrorless images are captured on a memory card and can be transferred to a computer, a phone, or a wide range of other devices. Some of the features you can expect to encounter in a digital SLR camera include an autofocus system, image stabilization, live view, a viewfinder, and a continuous shooting mode.

What is the autofocus system on a DSLR?

When youre capturing images with a digital camera, youll notice when pressing the shutter halfway that small points on the viewfinder light up. These points are referred to as autofocus points, which provide your camera with the most important objects to track within a specific image. This allows you to photograph moving subjects with clear and precise detail.

This mode is commonly used in combination with specific types of photography, such as wildlife, sports, and other activities that are non-stationary. If you spot a bird that you want to take a picture of with your Sony digital SLR camera but it begins to fly away, the autofocus mode will reduce blur and capture the bird in sharp detail.

When youre getting set to purchase a Sony camera, youll be presented with a wide range of options concerning the number of megapixels that the camera can shoot. Digital cameras shoot and capture photos as pixels. Although these typically cant be seen by the naked eye unless zoomed in on, all images captured by a digital device are comprised of thousands of square pixels.

What does the megapixel number mean on a DSLR camera?

The digital cameras provided by Sony range from 3,000 pixels to over 20,000 in number, or 3 megapixels to over 20 megapixels. The higher the number of megapixels that the system is outfitted with, the sharper your image should appear. However, its important to understand that the number of megapixels isnt the only thing that factors into how sharp and clear a photo appears. The sensor quality, lens quality, and other factors play a part in the resolution of any given photo. Despite this, the number of megapixels is a clear indicator of the resolution of your device.

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