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Buyers Guide to Sony Alpha Nex-5R Digital Camera

The Sony Alpha NEX-5R is a digital camera with plenty of attractive features. This mirrorless camera shoots in Digital SLR quality with its lightweight body and size, and the APS-C sensor shoots up to 10 frames per second at an impressive 16 megapixels. Here are some of the most common questions asked by people looking to purchase the Sony Alpha NEX-5R on eBay.

What lenses are compatible with the Sony Alpha NEX-5R?

The Sony Alpha NEX cameras are built for the A-mount lens type. There is a wide range of A-mount lenses made by Sony, Sigma, Zeiss, and Sony G Master, all of which are compatible with the Sony Alpha NEX-5R. There are also a large amount of E-mount lens types made by the same manufacturers that can be used on the Sony Alpha NEX 5R, some of which maintain full functionality. There are drivers available for download online to add compatibility to your Sony Alpha NEX-5R for some of these non-native lenses.

Is the Sony Alpha NEX-5R good for low-light photography?

The Alpha NEX-5R features six-image layering in several different shooting modes, using its large APS-C image sensor to combine data from six images to create a single image. This helps reduce blur and gets sharp low-light or nighttime images when in these modes. The high ISO performance of the Sony Alpha NEX-5R makes this camera great for low-light photography out of the box. Many affordable options can be found on eBay.

Does the screen rotate all the way to the front?

The Alpha NEX-5R has a 3-inch screen that tilts and flips up to 180 degrees front-facing, so the subject-in-frame can be visible from the front of the camera.

Is this camera manual focus or auto focus?

When you purchase a new or used Sony Alpha NEX-5R, you’ll find that it has a fast auto focus system designed to focus in as little as 0.3 seconds. The auto focus is continuous when in video recording. There are five different auto focus features that make the Sony Alpha NEX-5R a standout in its class:

  • The peaking AF display setting - This setting allows you to manually focus by showing the edges of what is in focus on the LCD screen in multiple layers.
  • Contrast auto focus - This maintains depth while focusing on a moving subject.
  • The fast hybrid auto focus feature: This feature brings phase detection to the camera, which helps track objects during fast motion.
  • Face detection - This feature can scan up to eight different faces and adjust for focus, exposure, and white balance to keep each subject equally lit.
  • Smile shutter mode - This feature captures photos automatically as soon as a smile breaks on a subject for the picture-perfect smile every time.