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Add a Sony 40-inch to 49-inch TV to Your Home Entertainment Setup

Sony specializes in the manufacturing of audio and video technology. Its line of television sets offers various levels of integration ability, which makes them suitable for home theater systems and less specialized uses. Because you find a broad range of styles and features, you can find a TV from this brand that meets your needs.

What types of display technology do Sony TVs offer?

Because Sony has been making TVs for decades, the brand now has models that work with older technologies as well as emerging technologies. Some of the possibilities are:

  • CRT: Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions may seem like they are old school. However, these can make ideal TV sets, especially at the lower size, for use in children’s rooms or home offices.
  • LED/LCD: The combination of LCDs and LEDs provides vibrant colors and crisp graphics. This technology is standard at this point.
  • Plasma: Sony flat-panel plasma TVs rely on ionized gases for their picture quality. They are thinner than typical sets and ideal for wall-mounting.
Which Sony Smart TV features are available?

Sony Smart TV sets support downloadable apps like those that you can find on a cell phone or tablet. This functionality makes the sets excellent additions to a home theater system. It eliminates the need for additional peripherals that would cause unsightly clutter. Other features include internet browsing and streaming interfaces. There is also the option of home network streaming.

How does the refresh rate affect the TV screen?

Sony manufactures sets that come with a 60 Hz or 120 Hz refresh rate. The number refers to the times that the display refreshes in a second. A higher refresh rate ensures a better picture quality as well as a smoothness of the image presentation that other TVs lack. It is also a necessity for quality high-definition images.

Which additional features do buyers look for?

You can still find older Sony TVs that come with 3D glasses. The manufacturer also focuses on innovative design, such as:

  • Headphone jacks: Private TV enjoyment is possible with jacks that quiet the entertainment.
  • HDMI protocol: For home theater designers, the smooth transmission of uncompressed files is a necessity.
  • Innovative auditory experiences: The BRAVIA line of products combines graphics technology with full-array dimming and speaker workarounds.
Why does Sony offer Bluetooth connectivity in its TVs?

Bluetooth-enabled TVs eliminate many of the wires you would otherwise need, such as you do with a mobile phone that can now become the TV’s secondary (or primary) remote control.