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Socket FM1 Computer Motherboards for AMD

4 Things to Know About Socket FM1 CPU Motherboards for AMD Systems

Motherboard products are important computer processing unit (CPU) pieces because they hold a variety of components that help to power computer hardware. These boards are built with FM1 sockets, video and graphics card slots, and various expansion slots. You can use these motherboard accessories with many computer products that have compatible hardware.

What is a socket FM1?

An FM1 socket is a port that was developed by AMD. Motherboards with FM1 hardware can be used with computers that have a Llano processor. FM1 sockets are built with 32mm technology, which is a practical option for midlevel processors. This hardware is developed for computer equipment that has 905 pin-hole ports.

What are some form factor options?

  • ATX: In 1995, ATX was designed to enhance general motherboard configurations. ATX stands for Advanced Technology eXtended, and its the most common design option for CPU hardware.
  • MicroATX: MicroATX is another standard option for motherboard configuration hardware. Products with this form-factor design are developed in various ways; however, the maximum size of a typical motherboard is 96 by 96 inches.
  • Mini-ITX: A mini-ITX motherboard is the smallest option. Hardware thats built with this form factor is commonly used with compact computers.

What are the expansion slot options?

PCI expansion slots are locations on a motherboard where you can mount additional hardware. Within each mounting slot, there is an electrical connector that distributes power to a new hardware component after its docked in place.PCI Express is an expansion option that uses high-speed serial-expansion hardware. Some products are also designed with dual-PCI-express components.

What are some specs of a Socket FM1 product?

Many socket FMI accessories are built with a chipset that supports AMD A75 hardware and other technology from this brand. Typical products of this type have memory ports, and an average unit has options for DDR3 DIMM. That type of DDR3 can hold 16GB of memory. Depending on the hardware on a motherboard, other memory options may also be included, such as dual-channel memory components.The memory tools that are featured on FM1 socket products are important because they support the CPUs audio hardware. Most CPU boards rely on memory while running applications that use a high-definition audio chip. When more memory is needed to run demanding CPU applications, like graphics-intensive programs, you can take advantage of the expansion slots. These ports are typically designed with PCI, PCI Express x1, PCI Express x16, or PCI Express x4 hardware.

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