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Snowmobile Apparel & Merchandise

Snowmobile Apparel & Merchandise

Flying along the snowy slopes in a snowmobile is one of the most fun ways to while away a winter’s day. However, if you’re not properly outfitted, you could end up not only cold, but frostbitten. Protect yourself from the elements with plenty of snowmobile gear, including clothing, accessories, and boots created for cold temperatures. Bundle up in layers for the most effective protection, and keep extremities covered to avoid freezing hands and feet.

Weatherproof Wear
Layering is the key to staying warm when it’s wet, snowing, and icy. Suit up for a day on the slopes with snowmobile jackets. These lightweight, lined jackets keep your body warm and resist water. Brands like Polaris, Ski-Doo, and Arctiva are not only functional, but look great, too, with multiple color combinations and sporty styles. Made with 3M insulation, snow jackets don’t mess around, and added features like media pockets, an adjustable collar, and plenty of pockets make this gear even more wearable. Ventilation keeps air flowing and your body’s core temperature as it should be.

Snow-Resistant Shoes
Regular sneakers won’t make the grade out on the icy slopes. You need specially made snowmobile boots to trek through the slush on a chilly day. Snow boots are different from regular boots and other cold weather gear. They offer plenty of traction on the bottom to keep you from sliding on ice, and feature a lined interior to keep your feet warm during a day of cruising your snowmobile. Some boots offer a fur lining for added comfort, and boots have a toe kick for snow cleaning. Lightweight but high performance, snow boots offer shock absorbance for walking through tough terrain, and the moisture-wicking designs keep feet dry. 

Necessary Accessories
Now that you’re properly dressed, it’s time to add accessories. Snowmobile helmets are required for safety, while other items like gloves offer added protection from the icy weather. Helmets cover your entire head and face to keep you protected from injury and from ice and snow. A scratch-resistant shield enables you to see the slopes ahead, and ventilation provides plenty of airflow. Sleek and stylish, helmets come in many colors and styles. Keep hands warm and flexible with snowmobile gloves, which cover your digits with breathable fabric that’s lined for optimum comfort. Waterproof, ventilated, and adjustable, gloves offer your hands the perfect amount of protection.