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Smartphone Screen Digitizers for LG G2

Find a Working Display for Your LG G2 Phone

LG released their G2 phone smartphone in September 2013. The device has an Android operating system with the Snapdragon chipset and runs a quad-core CPU at 2.26 GHz. If you are searching for a replacement touch screen digitizer or glass display panel, you may find it helpful to know what products are available, some of their features, and how you can install a replacement screen in your LG G2 for the next time your LG needs repair after you damage the device while at home or on the go.

What display parts can you buy?

If your phones screen doesnt react when you touch it, this may be a sign that your digitizer is damaged and needs to be replaced. While you may only need to replace this part, many touchscreen components are available in sets. Some common parts you might find during your search for replacement components include:

  • LCD: This is the glass part of your screen that is responsible for showing you images or videos.
  • Digitizer: The digitizer is the part of your LCD screen that converts your touch into a special signal that sends commands to the smartphone. These parts are usually affixed to the screen with a special adhesive.
What tools can you use to replace the LCD screen?

Because your G2 Android phone is held together in layers that include screws and many components, a set of tools may help you complete this repair. Some basic tools that may help you take apart and reassemble your phone include:

  • Spudger: This tool will have a flattened head that is similar to a traditional screwdriver. You may be able to use it to pry apart some plastic parts.
  • Screwdriver: A small screwdriver may help you unscrew and reassemble some parts of your phone.
  • Tape or adhesive: You can use these items to create a seal between the layers of your phones LCD display.
How do you replace a G2 LCD digitizer?

While there may be various ways to install a replacement LCD touchscreen on your phone, the steps below may provide you with one method:

  • Pry open the case: Turn your phone off and set it on a flat surface so that its back is facing you. Use your small prybar to separate the layers just above the SIM tray.
  • Remove the screws: The inner frame of your G2 should have 12 screws that you can remove with your screwdriver. You may wish to organize these screws for easier reassembly later.
  • Disconnect the cables: Your phone has two boards inside. Disconnect the ribbon cables and antennas from both of them.
  • Remove the board and battery: Gently remove the bottom left board from your phones housing. You can now remove the battery as well.
  • Remove the screen: Use your prybar to separate the glass from the plastic housing. This will allow you to lift the LCD display out and install a replacement.
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