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SmartMedia Camera Memory Card Adapter

Get More Work Done With a SmartMedia Camera Memory Card Adapter

SmartMedia cards are used for a wide variety of electronics ranging from cameras to media players to cell phones. Some computers may have built-in slots, while others may have a few different options to choose from, and SmartMedia or other media storage devices come in a wide variety of configurations. A memory card adapter may allow your computer to read them.

What is the difference between a SmartMedia card and a memory card?

SmartMedia cards were the proprietary name given to the first media storage devices, originally created by Toshiba. While SmartMedia cards are no longer manufactured, there are still a number of devices that use them. In addition, SmartMedia cards may come in different sizes and configurations, which is why USB devices are necessary to accommodate them.

When do I need an adapter or reader?

If your computer does not have a built-in slot for the type of media storage device you need it to read, then you may need an extra device to be able to transfer data from the external storage unit to your computer. There are two types of devices that do this:

  • Media storage device reader: This is usually an external device that attaches to your computer via a USB cable. It will often have several slots that may accommodate multiple a wide range of memory or flash storage devices.
  • Media storage device adapter: This is a "holder" for a media storage device that allows a smaller device to fit into a larger slot. So, for instance, if your computer or has a slot for a flash storage device, but not a micro-flash storage device, you may need an adapter to be able to read the micro-flash storage device. Many micro-flash storage devices will actually come with an adapter that allows them to fit into a regular flash slot.
What options are available?

Sometimes, you may only need to read one specific type of media storage card on your computer, so you may want to consider an adapter that fits that one type. For instance, if a professional photographer only uses a camera that uses SmartMedia cards, they may only need an adapter that reads that specific card.

On the other hand, if they use a range of cameras that use a variety of different cards, they might want to consider a USB device that will allow their computer to read all the different types of media storage devices that they use. Ultimately, whether you choose an external USB reader or an adapter will be dependent on how many different sources you may receive media from. In addition, if you have a number of different electronics that all use SmartMedia, flash or memory cards, you may want a USB device that can accommodate them all.

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