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Silicone/Gel/Rubber Cell Phone Cases & Covers for HTC One

Purchasing Silicone Cases for the HTC One

Most people have had that terror-inducing moment in which their smartphone falls from their hands in an almost slow-motion fashion to the hard floor. Many people want to get protection for their HTC One phones in order to avoid the worry of a break, bump, dent, or crack in this situation, and silicone cases are one of the many types of covers that you can choose from. Silicone offers flexibility and interesting designs can be printed on this material.

What parts of the phone does a silicone case protect?

This largely depends on which cover you get, as some only protect one part of the phone while others protect the entire device. If the case only has a slipcover that goes on the back, then it will protect the back and sides of the device against falls and other dangers. Others come with a screen protector that can shield the front against dings and scratches.

How do you get the correct fit?

One of the most distinct elements of silicone cases is that theyre flexible. This allows the cover to slip onto phones like a glove. However, getting a case that is too large or small may present issues. Be sure to choose a case that is as close to your HTC One or other devices dimensions as possible. If you are unsure of the dimensions, then check the manufacturers website. You should also ensure that there are holes for the input buttons and camera.

Some people confuse TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane, with silicone since its almost as flexible. TPU is not the same material, but it offers many of the same benefits and is fitted in the same way. Be sure to check the material to see if you are getting TPU or silicone.

What patterns and designs are available for covers?

Because this material is fairly easy to print on, there are numerous patterns and designs available. A few of them are:

  • Solid colors: You can get these cases in solid colors like red, blue, purple, green, and black.
  • Patterns: There are several patterns available like waves, polka dots, glitter, and stone.
  • Image designs: Some cases have images printed on the back like plants, butterflies, lightning, and artistic drawings.
What extra features are available for silicone cases?

Here are a few extra features available that can give you additional functionality:

  • Screen protector: This is usually a sheet of plastic that goes over the phones screen and protects it against scratches and other dangers.
  • Side bumpers: Some cases have large bumpers along the sides. These serve two purposes. The larger deposits of silicone provide extra protection against falls by absorbing more shock. They also give you extra grip, as your fingers can rest alongside the bumps.
  • Back grip: Some cases have a pattern on the back that is somewhat rougher and helps your fingers hold onto the material. This helps you maintain your grip without the phone slipping out of your hand.
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