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Side Marker Lights for Toyota Corolla

Your Toyota Corolla comes with a wide range of lights to help you see the road ahead of you at night and to illuminate your vehicle so that other drivers can see you. Side marker lights are usually found on the sides of the front and rear parts of your Toyota. Although they do not illuminate the roadway, they allow other drivers to get an idea of your cars dimensions at night.

What should you consider when replacing side marker lights?

When you’re looking to replace the side marker lighting on your Toyota, there are several things you should consider:

  • Lens material: Most lenses for side marker lights are made from high-grade translucent plastic. However, you can find opaque and smoked acrylic lenses depending on how you want your vehicle to look.
  • Lens color: In most cases, the lenses are tinted amber for the front of your Corolla and red for the rear. However, you can also choose clear or smoked lenses and go with colored bulbs that create the effect your need.
  • Bulb type: There are two main types of bulbs used in these lights: incandescent and LEDs. Both types of lights are effective in lighting up the front and rear of your Toyota.
  • Style: These lights come in a variety of shapes, each of which can give your Toyota Corolla a unique, custom look. The shapes can include oval, rectangular, round, and cab top.
How do you replace side marker lights?

Installing a replacement side marker lighting assembly is a quick and easy process. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Locate the light on the front or rear of your vehicle. Depending on which light you are replacing, you may need to open the hood or the trunk.
  2. Locate the socket on the side marker lens assembly. Remove it using a counterclockwise twisting motion.
  3. Unscrew or unbolt the assembly to remove the assembly.
  4. Install the new assembly in your vehicle.
  5. Reinstall the socket back into the assembly and test the side marker assemblys operation to ensure that it was installed correctly.
What are the types of bulbs used in marker lights?

There are two main types of bulbs used in side marker lights. They are:

  • Incandescent lighting: This type of light burns very hot, which creates a strong glow when used in marker lights. They last for about 1,000 hours before they need to be replaced.
  • LED lights: These lights are energy efficient, bright, and long lasting. They last up to about 30,000 hours.