Jeep CJ5 Side Marker Lights

The Jeep CJ5 in production from 1954 through 1983, and it features open sides and top, the ability to drive off-road, four or five-speed manual transmission, and a 2.2 to 5.0 liter V8 engine. Going off-road or routine wear and tear might necessitate that you replace the bulbs, covers, or entire assembly for the side marker lights. With a selection of CJ5 side marker lights, you can find the replacement parts that you need.

What are the features of Jeep CJ5 side marker lights?
  • Protective amber or red covers: The covers come in amber for the front of the Jeep and red for the back of the Jeep. The covers are sealed so that no moisture, dust, or dirt is able to get into the lighting system or wiring.
  • Already wired for ease of installation: These lighting assemblies for side marker lights come already wired for ease of installation. The attached harnesses have color-coded insulated wires with the fuses already attached.
  • Openings for fasteners: The amber and red reflector covers for the lights have openings pre-drilled. This means that no drilling is needed in order to fasten the amber or red reflectors over the lights when replacing the covers or the bulbs.
How do you choose Jeep CJ5 side marker lights?
  • Choose a color of cover for the marker lights: Choose amber markers or red markers. The amber markers fit over the white LED lights to produce a yellow glow that is visible to oncoming traffic. The red markers yield a red glowing light that is visible to traffic behind you.
  • Select a manufacturer for the amber marker lights: You can select Jeep as the original equipment manufacturer, OEM, for the side marker lights. You can also choose from aftermarket manufacturers including Crown, Dorman, OMIX, Omix-Ada, and Wagner. OEM side market lights are designed by Jeep to be a direct fit, while aftermarket side marker lights may offer a competitive alternative.
How do you replace front Jeep CJ5 side marker lights?

Going off-road or being involved in an impact or a collision might necessitate that you replace the amber covers or light bulb assemblies on the front side of your Jeep. In order to replace these side lighting systems, begin by opening the Jeeps hood and locating the front side light marker socket. The side light socket is cylindrical. Then youre ready to follow the steps below:

  1. Turn the light socket counterclockwise to pull out the lighting unit.
  2. Pull the light bulb out of the socket and insert the replacement bulb.
  3. Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the cover and replace it with a new amber cover and the original fasteners.
  4. Test the side marker lights to ensure that the light bulb turns on properly.